Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Fall!

IMG_5390-2Since I didn’t get a great picture of all three girls together at the Pumpkin Patch, I thought I would give it another shot in the comfort of our backyard…MUCH BETTER results…


IMG_5400  IMG_5401

IMG_5402Madison was smiling like crazy, and Mia could not keep her tongue in her mouth!!!


IMG_5481What is up with that tongue, Mia?  She has been doing this like crazy lately!

IMG_5445I just started clicking away…these pictures just crack me up!!  All their little expressions…

IMG_5492 IMG_5493 IMG_5499 IMG_5451 IMG_5454 IMG_5597 IMG_5512 IMG_5503  IMG_5599 IMG_5526IMG_5628 IMG_5605IMG_5624 IMG_5625IMG_5639

IMG_5428IMG_5422 IMG_5423IMG_5601

IMG_5589 IMG_5641

I made this cute little card to send out to friends and family…

Fall Card

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