Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet the Teacher…

Tonight, was my 15th Meet the Teacher, but it was

my FIRST to be the PARENT!!!






Mallory has been so excited for weeks!!




   I was already at work, so Wesley and Mallory just met me in the gym.  Mallory was all dressed and all smiles.  The only thing to do was her hair :).  So, I took her in my bathroom and started to braid her hair, but she was super chatty and wiggly.  I said, “Are you excited?”  Of course she said yes, but she also said, “My stomach kinda hurts; it does that when I am nervous.”

I was going to meet and greet some students before I took Mallory down to her room, but since she had butterflies, I thought we better go ahead and go.  I took a few pictures in the gym; then we were ready to go.  I handed Mallory her supplies and off we went…

IMG_3006    IMG_3007

Maybe, Daddy should carry them :)

On our way down to Kindergarten hall, she got to see the Principal, AP, Music, and Art teachers.  I was so proud of her, because she shook their hands or gave them hugs, and she responded to their questions.  All night, she was very sweet and polite.  Many new students will just hang on to their parent’s leg and not say a word.  But, Mallory was all smiles and confident.


Mallory with her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Dormady…

Some pics of the room; it has a sports theme…


Mallory had to find her table and her cubby…

IMG_3009  IMG_3010

IMG_3011  IMG_3013

IMG_3017We met some of her classmates and their parents.  Then, Mallory had to check out some of the fun things in K5…


IMG_3019Mallory with Mrs. Dormady’s twin daughters, Breck and McKenna.  They will be in 1st grade.

Mrs. Dormady has definitely answered many of my TWIN questions and has given me lots of good TWIN advice…

IMG_3022  IMG_3023

Mommy and Daddy are SOOOOOOOO PROUD of Mallory!!!  We are also super excited for her, because we know Wilson is an AWESOME school!!! 

And, we hear Wilson has a really good PE teacher :)


Mallory was all smiles, but Mommy was also grinning from ear to ear.  After leaving Mallory’s classroom, we had to cruise the halls, so we could say HI to other teachers…

IMG_3026First stop, Mrs. Cash!!  Mallory loves her, and she is one of mommy’s best buddies.  Mallory will be seeing lots of her since she is also a Kinder teacher and right across the hall :)

All the teachers were so super sweet to Mallory.  They said things like:

“I am so glad you are here.”

“I can’t believe it; I have known you since you were born.”

“You look beautiful.”

“So happy you are a Wilson Ranger!”

“Mallory, you are like a legend around here.”


It was an awesome night!  Just can’t believe my baby is starting school and that it will be “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day” everyday for me!

After Meet the Teacher, mommy and daddy took Mallory out to dinner to celebrate.  Thanks to Mimi for hanging out with Mia and Madison, so we could have this special time with Mallory!

Mallory is ready for Monday!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet Sisters…

Mia loves playing with Daisy, Madison loves the yellow chair, and they both love each other!  They are so cute and sweet to each other…

Monday, August 8, 2011


DSC00582I have been wanting to take Mallory to NRH2O for a couple of years but just never have.  Mimi has a Press Pass and there was a deal for half off tickets today!  Wesley was able to work from home today and hang out with Mia and Madison.  So, we took advantage of the bargain and took Mallory and her cousins, Jonah and Paige…


DSC00584  DSC00585

Mallory gets along with Paige so well.  They always have a blast when they are together.  Jonah is super sweet and just goes with the flow :) 

Mimi is not in to riding the water slides and Paige isn’t a big fan either.  Mallory is ALL about it and so is Jonah.  So, I took turns taking Mallory and Jonah on all the slides!  That way Paige would have someone to play with while the other one was with me.  And, cool for me, because I got to do all of the fun slides twice or more!

I enjoyed getting to hang out with Jonah by ourselves.  He is so sweet!  We talked about all sorts of stuff while waiting in lines.  I even talked him into to going on this one slide he wasn’t quite sure about.  He ended up loving it and he even said he was proud of himself for doing it :)

Mallory, on the other hand, will do anything and everything.  We noticed on the website that there were slides that she wasn’t tall enough to ride, but I told her we would try anyway.  So, when we first got there, right when it opened, I took Mallory straight to some slides.  We walked right up, no one in front of us, and the lifeguard at the top measured Mallory with his stick.  She was just a little too short.  The lifeguard said,”Has she done this slide before?”  I said, “Yes, I think so.”  I could tell he was really thinking about letting her when Mallory said, “No, mommy, I have not done this slide before.”  The lifeguard said she was too short.  As, we were walking away I told Mallory she should have not said anything, and he was going to let you.  Mallory said, "No mommy, that’s lying.”  Then, I gave he a big hug and kiss, and told her I was so proud of her, and she was right not to lie, and I love her very much


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kinder Playdate…

IMG_2635Mallory had a play date this morning at the park.  Another mom set this up with incoming kindergarteners.  She emailed the few moms she knew who had future Wilson Rangers, and we all included others we knew.  I thought it was a great idea!  Eleven kids showed up and only TWO girls :) The park backs up to some land, so we were also able to see some llamas.  I thought that was pretty cool.  We all stayed for only an hour, because it was SO HOT.  It was fun to see the kids and talk to the parents.  The boy in the batman shirt is Crickett’s son; she is also a teacher at my school.  And, two of the other boys, I have had their older siblings.

After the park, we went up to Wilson to do a few things in my office.  Mallory wanted to walk around the school, too.  There were a couple of new teachers working, so we got to meet them.  Mallory like that we go to ride in the elevator and go to the lounge to use our ice machine (it is awesome, it makes ice like Sonic).

I told her I had a surprise for her, so we left, and I took her to Cherry On Top.  A cute little frozen yogurt place in Coppell.  She got to get her own yougurt and load it up with as many topping as she wanted, and there were so many to choose from.  You know she LOVED that!!  She gave me a big ‘ole hug and said, “Thank you Mommy for my surprise!”  After our yummy yogurt, we headed home.


It is fun to spend time with just me and Mallory.  We will get to do it every day in the car in a couple of weeks…on the way to school and back :)

Can’t believe MY BABY is starting Kindergarten!!!