Friday, July 31, 2009

Lots 2 Learn in July…

IMG_9156  This month we did lots of ICE CREAM activities!  We checked out several books from the library all about ice cream…

IMG_8976 IMG_8977

Mallory matched the lower case letter on the cone to the upper case letter on the ice cream scoop…

IMG_8986 IMG_8984

IMG_8987M for Mallory!

 IMG_8991  IMG_8996 IMG_8997

IMG_9003All Done!

IMG_9001Look Daddy, I did it!

IMG_8999 IMG_9000  

IMG_9004Awesome Mallory…she only got D/d and P/p mixed up…

IMG_8591 Next, match the number of chocolate chips to the correct number on the cone…


IMG_8593 IMG_8594

              1, 2…                                    3,4…

IMG_8596 IMG_8598

                        Mallory is about to be 4!

  IMG_8602 IMG_8604


     IMG_8613 IMG_8615 


Mallory put them in order…

IMG_8617 She had no problem with this…she needs higher numbers!

IMG_8630 IMG_8636

Put them on the refrigerator…show off your awesome work!

IMG_8722   IMG_8724

                                                     Cute little color sheet…IMG_9157


 IMG_8852Mimi stopped by right as Mallory started making a tear paper ice cream cone…I asked Mallory what her favorite flavor of ice cream is, and she said strawberry, so that is what she made…

                        IMG_8854 IMG_8858

IMG_8859 IMG_8860

IMG_8861Mimi said forget putting one piece on a a time, she told Mallory to just dump them all on there and see what sticks!

IMG_8868 IMG_8869

 IMG_8871 IMG_8877

Mallory decided to paint the cone…each diamond shape a different color…

 IMG_8878 IMG_8882 IMG_8884  IMG_8886


 IMG_8935After gymnastics class, we went to Toys R Us to look around to see what Mallory wants for her birthday.  We saw this ice cream game and just had to get it!

 IMG_8936 IMG_8937

She was so excited to play, she wouldn’t even change out of her leotard before playing…

IMG_8940 IMG_8941 

Spin and see what it says to do…pick up a scoop, lose a scoop, drop all scoops…to win be the first player to get 7 scoops without them falling!


IMG_8944 IMG_8946 IMG_8949

       IMG_8955 IMG_8956

                    Daddy was there to lend a helping hand… 


6 scoops, just one more to go!

 IMG_8960 IMG_8961

                                   Here goes #7!

IMG_8962 IMG_8963 

                           Mallory and Daddy did it!

IMG_8965Mallory played this game all day!

I Scream, You Scream, We Scream for Ice Cream!   IMG_8667All this ice cream talk, we had to go get some ICE CREAM!

         IMG_8660 IMG_8675

          We went to Marble Slab and everything looked YUMMY!!

         IMG_8673 IMG_8678

    IMG_8680 IMG_8682

IMG_8683Can’t believe she didn’t get strawberry…she got chocolate with sprinkles!


IMG_8685 IMG_8695  


  IMG_8707Getting a bite of Daddy’s yummy ice cream cone…

              IMG_8702 IMG_8703