Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day…

After two days of no school because of the ice, we finally got real SNOW!!!  It started last night about midnight and kept snowing until this morning.  We ended up getting about 4 inches!!  It was so pretty…it was coming down pretty hard, and it was big flakes.  It was the good kind of snow…nice and fluffy.

Mallory was ready to play, and I was ready to get Mia and Madison dressed so they could experience their first snow.  They both weren’t sure what to think about it…



IMG_1679 IMG_1684IMG_1682 IMG_1681

I LOVE the pictures of Madison looking at Mallory, so sweet…


IMG_1611IMG_1589 IMG_1587

IMG_1595Mia with her bottom lip out…she has the same expression in all the pictures, so funny!!  Mia hardly moved; she just sat there.  She is ready to go in and get warm!

IMG_1606 IMG_1607


IMG_1605IMG_1617 IMG_1618 IMG_1614IMG_1616 IMG_1620 

IMG_1621IMG_1637Madison’s turn…she wasn’t super excited either, but she did move a little and even tried to touch and eat the snow…

IMG_1636 IMG_1645 


      IMG_1648IMG_1649IMG_1655Madison’s expression here is PRICELESS!!

IMG_1654IMG_1657IMG_1656 IMG_1662 IMG_1669IMG_1659



IMG_1471Mallory was ready to go out front and play!


IMG_1474IMG_1480IMG_1481 IMG_1488IMG_1483IMG_1495IMG_1484IMG_1485IMG_1486IMG_1487IMG_1489IMG_1490Mallory loved throwing snowballs at me!!




IMG_1506IMG_1507IMG_1508 IMG_1509IMG_1510IMG_1511IMG_1513IMG_1503IMG_1521IMG_1522IMG_1502

IMG_1524 IMG_1530

IMG_1544IMG_1536IMG_1527IMG_1535IMG_1538SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!


IMG_1551 IMG_1546

IMG_1548IMG_1549IMG_1550   IMG_1565IMG_1555 IMG_1557

IMG_1558IMG_1559IMG_1563IMG_1562IMG_1568IMG_1571IMG_1573IMG_1575IMG_1576IMG_1577IMG_1580 IMG_1582 IMG_1584

Daddy and Mallory walked to to Sharon's to pay her.  Sharon gave them a cardboard box so they could go sled down the hill by the lake.  She also gave her a cute scarf to wear.

Later, Joe and Terri came down to visit.  Joe and Mallory went outside to build a snowman.  While they were out, Mindy came over.  Joe quit building the snowman because they started to make fun of it.  They said it looked like a volcano instead of a snowman.

While Mia and Madiosn were taking a nap, I took Mallory and Mindy down to the lake to sld.  This time we used the top of our trashcan.  It worked pretty god, and they had a blast.

On the way, the girls ate snow.  And, they wondered why their hands were so cold.  We stopped and saw this cool snowman and fort…

IMG_3101 IMG_3102

IMG_3112IMG_3108IMG_3103 IMG_3104IMG_3106 IMG_3107IMG_3115 IMG_3110 IMG_3118



The girls had a blast sledding, and I even did it a couple of times.  I had to stop the girls when they came down, so they wouldn’t go into the lake.  This pic is cute of Mallory trying to stop Mindy… IMG_3114


IMG_3124The Moore’s had a blast on our SNOW DAY!

IMG_1586 IMG_1578

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