Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mallory's Favorite Things...

Mallory is 3, and she definitely has her own opinions now :o)
Here is a list of some of her favorite things...

Favorite things to do: play dress up, ride her bike, read books, swimming, puzzles, play outside in her playhouse and serve mommy and daddy food, play dough, moon sand, play games...Candyland, Memory, Go Fish, Old Maid, Slap Jack, Crazy 8s...her new favorite is Peanut Butter and Jelly card game.

Favorite places to go: restaurants, Ms. Sharon's house, Grandparents' houses, and she asks if she can go to Bryce's house a lot.

Favorite TV shows: Barney, she knows all the songs, and Dora, she especially loves Swiper the fox.

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite drink: Milk

Favorite ice cream: Strawberry

Favorite food: Mallory has always been a great eater, she likes almost every food but especially ice cream, cheese, yogurt, all fruit, chicken, rice, pasta, salad with cherry tomatoes and ranch.

Favorite snacks: fruit snacks, goldfish, raisins.

Favorite friends: Daisy, all the kids at Ms. Sharon's house...Kayden, Alaina, Dylan, Bailey, Ashlyn, Sirius, and Sara. And, she asks me about Ciara (moved) and Dawson (started Kindergarten) who are not going there this year.

Other favorites: Mallory loves to talk, sing, dance, and help Mommy and Daddy.

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