Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Soccer Season!

We hadn't planned on starting soccer until Mallory was four, but...Kayden's daddy has a friend who is coaching a team of 3 and 4 year olds, so they asked Kayden to play. Kayden's daddy asked how many spots they had left on the team, because he knew Mallory and Kayden were a packaged deal :o)

I still wasn't sure because the weather gets cold this time of year, but once they told me it was indoor soccer, we signed her up!

I just had to have the black Adidas cleats!

Mallory's first soccer practice...

Her team is the CRUSH!

Mommy and Ms. Erin just had to get cute soccer shirts for our girls...

Coach Travis getting to know his players...

Teaching them...1, 2, 3, GO CRUSH!

Coach Travis is giving directions, and Mallory is being such a good listener...

Started out with balancing each foot on the ball...

Good kick!

And, GOAL!

"What's next?"

Dribbling practice...

Another, GOAL!

Mallory did a great job at her first soccer practice!

She is ready for her first game!

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