Monday, November 24, 2008

"Open Wide!"

Mallory had her first visit to the dentist...
Our appointment wasn't until 1:00, and all day she kept asking, "Are we going to the dentist now?"

Checking all 20 teeth!

Cleaning her teeth...she was asked what flavor she wanted...bubble gum, strawberry, or chocolate chip cookie dough.
She said, "I like strawberry!"

Flossing her teeth...

Now for a fluoride was strawberry flavored, too!

"Show mommy your pretty, clean smile!"
The dentist said her teeth look great and no cavities!

She got to pick out a cool toothbrush...

She decided on the big ice cream cone toothbrush...
The dental hygienist kept telling her how good she was doing and that she was a great helper. She asked when her birthday was, and when I told her, she was very surprised she was a young 3 year-old...she was amazed how well she did!

Another great, new experience, and another awesome job by Mallory!
Mallory, you are such a good girl!
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you once more!

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