Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Next up…Del Rio…

IMG_2493Mallory, Mommy,and Granny drove to Del Rio to visit Great Granny, Aunt Dolly, and many cousins. We stopped in San Angelo to pick up Brian and Bridgett, and Mallory loved having some company in the back seat! She just watched, really stared, at them for 2 hours. She gets so mesmerized with older kids. During our visit, she wanted to go or do whatever Bridgett did…it was so funny!

IMG_2506 IMG_2505

Mallory and Mommy played with Bridgett, Alyssa, Nissa, Granny , and Aunt Dolly…

IMG_2496 IMG_8098

IMG_8100 IMG_8101 IMG_8105

Mallory really liked playing with Nissa…she would try to crawl in Mallory’s lap, and Mallory would say, “Mommy, she is trying to get me; she loves me.” Mallory was so sweet with her.

IMG_8112 IMG_8099

Mallory had so much fun being silly with Bridgett!

IMG_2502Mommy loves her sweet girl!

IMG_8156We usually visit Del Rio when it is too cool to swim, but not this time…we really enjoyed Aunt Dolly’s pool! Aunt Dolly bought Mallory this cute fish float…


IMG_8135Mallory and Granny…

IMG_2515Mommy was so proud of her little fish!

IMG_2526 IMG_2527

Jumping off the side and swimming…

IMG_8153 IMG_8154

Jumping off the diving board with her float…

IMG_8115Then, Mallory got brave and jumped without her float! IMG_8118Xack watched and Bridgett was there to catch her…

IMG_8120 IMG_8121

IMG_8122 IMG_8126

IMG_8166Mallory really thought it was cool to swim at night!

IMG_8170 IMG_8162 IMG_8178

IMG_2534 IMG_2543

On Thursday, Bryce, Brooklyn, Uncle Joe, and Aunt Angie came to visit, too. Playing Ring Around the Rosies…

IMG_8183Of course, we went swimming again and Mallory was showing off her skills…this trip was when she really started swimming! Can’t wait to see how she does in swim lessons next week!

IMG_8185 IMG_8187

She would start on the step and swim to Granny, Bridgett,

IMG_8188 IMG_8194

and to Skylar…

IMG021Mommy with Brooklyn…

We had lots of fun with Granny’s under water camera…

IMG000 IMG002



IMG017 IMG023


IMG005 IMG013 IMG025

Bridgett Brian Brooklyn

IMG_8208Mallory, Mommy, Great Granny, Brooklyn, Uncle Joe, and Bryce…

Thursday night, we all took Great Granny out to dinner…

IMG_8195 IMG_8200

IMG_8215 IMG_8216

After dinner, we went to watch Xack’s All-Star baseball game, and the girls shared a popsicle; they looked so cute in their matching dresses Granny bought them…


Got to love that blue mouth!

We had a wonderful time in Del Rio!

A little video of Mallory swimming...

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