Friday, August 14, 2009

First Day at Ms. Sharon’s!

IMG_9728Mallory was very excited to go to Ms. Sharon’s!  It makes Mommy extremely happy knowing Mallory is happy at her babysitter’s!

          IMG_9731 IMG_9732

Mallory picked out a new cup to take, and Mimi made her a new Tinkerbell pillow case for her nap pillow…

This year will be a little different…Mallory’s best buddy, Kayden, will be going to pre-school, and Bailey will start Kindergarten.  So, at Ms. Sharon’s it will be Mallory (3 almost 4), Alainna (4), Dylan (2), Sirius (4), and Ashlyn (7) and Bailey (5) will come after school.  And, a new little girl, Tatum (2), is starting this year. 

It will be another GREAT YEAR AT MS. SHARON’S!!!

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