Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Last Day of Summer…

  IMG_9664Last night, Mommy told Mallory that tomorrow would be our last day of summer, because Mommy had to go back to work Friday.  Mommy also told Mallory we could do whatever she wanted to do…Mallory was so excited to plan our last day of summer! 

So, this morning, the first thing out of Mallory’s mouth as she is waking me up, “I get to do whatever I want to do today.”

Then, this was too funny!  As she is watching TV on the couch with Daisy here is what she said…

Mallory: “Mommy, will you get us a blanket.”

Mommy: “You can go get a blanket.”

Mallory: “Remember Mommy, I get to do whatever I want to do today.”

I thought that was a good one, so I got her a blanket!!

Mallory’s plans for the day:

Lunch at McDonald’s

Swimming at the water park

Go get a snow cone

What a great planner!!!


IMG_9665 IMG_9670

 IMG_9673Mallory and Mommy had so much fun playing together at the pool…we did the big slides, Mallory did the little slides, and we did lots of swimming together.  We also discovered a new game…My hair band fell out and started to sink, but Mallory went under and grabbed it.  Mommy said, “You are my hero!”  Mallory thought that was so funny.  So we made it a game, Mallory dove underwater for Mommy’s hair band at least 20 times.  We did this in the 5 foot water…we would let it sink all the way to the bottom; then, Mommy would give Mallory a little push, and she would go all the way to the bottom and get it.  She loved it! IMG_9677Mallory thought it was so fun to stand under the water buckets…

IMG_9687 IMG_9680 IMG_9685    IMG_9686   IMG_9691 IMG_9692

IMG_9706 IMG_9708



All done swimming, time for a snow cone!


IMG_9716Mallory’s flavor of choice today…Cotton Candy.  Mommy’s usual…Blue Coconut… 



 IMG_9734WOW! Mommy and Mallory sure had a great day together!


Mommy told Mallory, “It sure makes me sad to have to go back to work, because I will miss you so much.”  Mallory said, “I will miss you too Mommy, but I love Ms. Sharon, and you love your kids a work, right, you got to love your kids at work.”

IMG_9736What a wonderful summer we had together!  Mommy asked Mallory what her favorite thing about summer, and she said, “EVERYTHING!  All the things we did together.”

Mommy loves her girl!!!

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