Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ashlyn’s Party…

IMG_3173Today, it was soooooo cold!  We have had some nice weather, but today it got chilly.  Mallory had a soccer game at 10:00, and mommy and daddy were so cold.  Mallory said she was fine…it helps when you are running around and scoring…she scored her frist goal of the season (this was game 2).  Mimi and Pawpaw came over and watched Mia and Madison so they didn't have to be out in the cold.  Right after her soccer game, we came home and changed so we could make it to the Ashlyn’s 9th birthday party by 12:00…

IMG_3171Ashlyn loves horses!  Her grandma brought her horse to the park in our neighborhood.  The kids ate pizza, cake, and Ashlyn opened presents.  It was very windy, so everything was blowing away.  Then, the kids got to take a ride on Ruby.  Ashlyn got this Cowboy hat as a gift, and the wind was about to blow it right off her head.  A couple of days ago, Ashlyn said to me, “You know you can bring the babies to my party; I love them so much.”  Ashlyn gets to se M&M everyday.  Mallory has even said, “When we go pick up the babies, Ashlyn is always holding one of them.”  I wish I could have brought them, but it was way to windy and cold.

                     IMG_3169 IMG_3170

Mallory didn’t care how cold it was, she was just ready to ride the horse!  She has always loved riding horses.  She hasn’t done it a lot, but when she gets the chance, she loves it!

IMG_3151Waiting in line…

IMG_3154Mallory’s turn on Ruby…IMG_3162

IMG_3155 IMG_3159 IMG_3156 IMG_3157 IMG_3164IMG_3158



IMG_3160-2My favorite picture from the day…

IMG_3174Mallory loved the party; she loves Ashlyn so much.  Mallory especially loved riding the horse, and she loved that Mommy let her have her own Dr. Pepper!!!

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