Monday, August 8, 2011


DSC00582I have been wanting to take Mallory to NRH2O for a couple of years but just never have.  Mimi has a Press Pass and there was a deal for half off tickets today!  Wesley was able to work from home today and hang out with Mia and Madison.  So, we took advantage of the bargain and took Mallory and her cousins, Jonah and Paige…


DSC00584  DSC00585

Mallory gets along with Paige so well.  They always have a blast when they are together.  Jonah is super sweet and just goes with the flow :) 

Mimi is not in to riding the water slides and Paige isn’t a big fan either.  Mallory is ALL about it and so is Jonah.  So, I took turns taking Mallory and Jonah on all the slides!  That way Paige would have someone to play with while the other one was with me.  And, cool for me, because I got to do all of the fun slides twice or more!

I enjoyed getting to hang out with Jonah by ourselves.  He is so sweet!  We talked about all sorts of stuff while waiting in lines.  I even talked him into to going on this one slide he wasn’t quite sure about.  He ended up loving it and he even said he was proud of himself for doing it :)

Mallory, on the other hand, will do anything and everything.  We noticed on the website that there were slides that she wasn’t tall enough to ride, but I told her we would try anyway.  So, when we first got there, right when it opened, I took Mallory straight to some slides.  We walked right up, no one in front of us, and the lifeguard at the top measured Mallory with his stick.  She was just a little too short.  The lifeguard said,”Has she done this slide before?”  I said, “Yes, I think so.”  I could tell he was really thinking about letting her when Mallory said, “No, mommy, I have not done this slide before.”  The lifeguard said she was too short.  As, we were walking away I told Mallory she should have not said anything, and he was going to let you.  Mallory said, "No mommy, that’s lying.”  Then, I gave he a big hug and kiss, and told her I was so proud of her, and she was right not to lie, and I love her very much


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