Thursday, November 19, 2009

Identical Twin Girls!

Today was the big day!  Dr. Peters confirmed the twins are IDENTICAL and they are GIRLS!!  Two more girls, WOW, Mallory is going to be so excited!  They did lots of measurements, and he wants to monitor me weekly to make sure everything is okay.  His main concern is their fluid and blood measurements.  It is stressful to go weekly and hear all the worse case scenarios with identical twins, but we are trying to stay positive and hoping for the best…


After the doctor, we went straight to Ms. Sharon’s.  As soon as we walked in, Ms. Sharon and Mallory were waiting by the door.  Mallory said, “What are they?”  I said, “You were right, they are both girls!”  Mallory started jumping up and down yelling, “YEA!!”  She is so excited to have two sisters!!

When we got home, Daddy said we needed to go out to dinner and celebrate. Mallory said, “We also need to celebrate with cake and candles!”  So, after dinner, we got a little brownie, and Mallory put two candles on it for the baby girls…so sweet!

IMG_1780 Mallory wanted to sing happy birthday to the girls, but we told her we can’t do that until they are here.  So, Daddy made up a song, “We are so happy about our baby girls!”

IMG_1779 IMG_1778   IMG_1781 IMG_1782


  IMG_1787 Mallory is so excited to have two baby sisters!

I never imagined I would have 3 children, never thought 3 girls…this should be FUN!!!!

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