Saturday, November 14, 2009

“Look Mommy, I have twins!”

IMG_1733Mallory called me in her room today and said, “Look Mommy, I have twins!”

IMG_1734Mallory makes me laugh all the time!

IMG_1735Then, she called me back in her room and said, “I have girl twins!  I’m so happy!”


 A conversation we had today…

Mallory: “I can’t believe we are having two babies; I’m so excited!”

Mommy: “I’m nervous.”

Mallory: “I’m excited!”

Mommy: “I’m scared.”

Mallory: “I’m excited!”

Mallory: “I hope they eat good.”

Mommy: “Will you help me feed them?”

Mallory: “Yes, I will feed one, and you will feed one.”

Mallory: “Can the babies sleep with me?”

Mommy: “They will be too little at first.”

Mallory: “Maybe I can just get an air mattress and put it in their room and sleep on the floor.”

Mommy: “That’s a great idea!”

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