Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cribs, Cribs, and More Cribs!

IMG_3857Well, our first idea was to buy two new cribs so they would match, and Mel was going to buy Mallory’s crib.  So, we got the cribs, and Daddy and Mallory started putting them together…


IMG_3844 IMG_3845

IMG_3843Mallory loves helping Daddy!


IMG_3855 IMG_3861

                                                                             Daisy even helped!

IMG_3853 IMG_3852      

Mimi was over…Mallory and Mimi had fun throwing Mallory’s unicorn back and forth over the crib…

After Daddy built one crib, we decided we didn’t like the wood color…it was too red.  Mommy knew it didn’t match Mallory’s changing table we have,  and it would not match the glider rocker Mimi and Granddad ordered for us.  Even though they were all “cherry wood,” the new cribs were much more red color.  So, Daddy suggested we just match another crib up to Mallory’s crib.  So, our sweet Daddy took apart the crib he and Mallory just built, and we were off to return them.  Then, we took a piece of Mallory’s crib to Babies R Us and matched it up with an new one!   Now we would have two cribs, a changing table, and a glider that would all match in color!  Thank you Daddy for all your hard work!  Daddy is so good to Mommy and his girls!!!

So, we picked up the new crib, and we were ready to start building…

IMG_3867First, Daddy and Mallory built her old crib…Mallory is very proud that the babies are going to use it…

     IMG_3869 IMG_3885

      IMG_3873 IMG_3886 IMG_3887

IMG_3878 IMG_3882

IMG_3890Mommy can remember when Mallory slept in this crib…


IMG_3892  One crib all done!

IMG_3897Crib #2…

  IMG_3893 IMG_3894

                                               All Done!  Daddy and Mallory did a good job!

 IMG_3884This Big Sister is so excited for her little sisters to be here!

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