Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Heart Felicity…

IMG_3911Yesterday, Mallory was so excited when she got home from Ms. Sharon’s!  They decided that today was going to be Show and Tell!  This was Mallory’s very first Show and Tell.  Mallory was so excited, because she decided to take Felicity, and her favorite part was they were going to wear their matching pajamas!!!

                            IMG_3904 IMG_3907

Most mornings Mallory is still asleep when Mommy goes to work.  But, this morning Mallory wanted me to wake her up so I could get her ready and put her hair in “piggies” like Felicity…she really wanted them to match!

                   IMG_3914 IMG_3915



Mallory was so excited!!!  When I woke her up, she jumped right out of bed.  She couldn’t wait to tell Ms. Sharon and the kids that Santa snuck into her room, got Felicity, changed her into these pajamas, and left Mallory some to match…

However, Ms. Sharon said Mallory actually told them that Santa snuck into her room, and Mallory woke up and saw him leaving…I guess she wanted to make the story a little more exciting!! IMG_3924


Here are some other pictures of Mallory playing with Felicity that I have been meaning to post.  Some are even from last summer and early Fall…you can tell by Mallory’s cute, little tan!

Mallory loves to play with Felicity…she likes to read to her, lay with her, change her clothes, and just hang out with her…

           IMG_9154 IMG_9155

         This day was cute, because Mallory asked me to swaddle Felicity…


             IMG_9090 IMG_9094

            IMG_9099 IMG_9100

            IMG_9098 IMG_9096

IMG_9101 IMG_9103 IMG_9104


IMG_9108 IMG_9112


IMG_4091 IMG_4094

IMG_4089It’s so fun to feed Felicity in the high chair Santa brought…

IMG_4080Felicity’s cute bed Mimi and Pawpaw gave her for Christmas…

IMG_4084 IMG_4079

IMG_4083  Too Cute in their matching beds!

Mallory loves Felicity!!!

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