Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kids Choice Awards…

IMG_5974Mallory was PUMPED UP about the Kids Choice Awards that were on tonight!  First of all, Mallory LOVES the TV show iCarly.  Mommy thinks it’s a little too old for her and kind of sassy, but she and Daddy have won the battle.  So, she watches it often.  During the commercials, they have been promoting the Kids Choice Awards for a couple of weeks, so she has been asking us how many days until the show.  Earlier today when it was time to leave Kayden’s house, Mallory of course didn’t want to go.  But, when I whispered to her, “We got to get home to watch the Kids Choice Awards.”  She immediately was ready to go.  Mallory even talked Daddy into ordering pizza and allowing her to eat on the couch while watching the show…

IMG_5975After dinner, Mallory got dressed in her favorite outfit to watch every award and sing every song…Mallory has always loved music…she is definitely our little performer!


IMG_5976 IMG_5989



 IMG_5981  IMG_5984 



IMG_5997Here she is when iCarly won Best TV Show…she was so excited!  I am telling you, she loves it!  So much that Mommy has even used it as a punishment.  A few weeks ago, she threw a fit about going to bed, so I grounded her from watching iCarly for 2 days.  And, just recently, when she got upset because she didn’t want Kayden to go home and wouldn’t help clean up, she was grounded from iCarly for 3 days.  It is kind of funny, but so far it has worked…

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