Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mallory and Mommy’s Special Day Together…

IMG_5668Last Thursday, Dr. Krum put me on “home rest” starting the week after Spring Break.  So, last Friday, was my last day of work.  Dr. Krum wants me to stay off my feet, send Mallory to Ms. Sharon’s, and have only two outings a week…he says this will help avoid pre-term labor.  I joked with him and said surely my doctor appointments don’t count as outings since I am now going 3 times a week.  He said no, he wouldn’t do that to me.  So, I decided Spring Break would be my last “normal week.”  I was going to keep Mallory home with me, take it easy, but do a few fun things with her.  Then, next week, I would officially start my “doctor’s orders.”

This week, Spring Break, Mallory and I spent most of the days relaxing together, cuddling on the couch, watching movies, coloring, and playing games.  We did spend one day with Granny, lunch and some shopping, and another day lunch with Daddy, Mimi and Pawpaw.

I was so glad I had this week with Mallory!!  As much as I am excited to add 2 more precious girls to our family, I am also treasuring the last weeks of Mallory being my only little girl, my only child.  I do worry about her and how 2 new babies will change our lives so much.  Mallory is not worried about it one bit; she is so excited!  Mommy just wants everything to be okay.  I know Mia and Madison will be a wonderful addition to our family, and once they are here, we won’t be able to imagine life without them.  But, it is just still so weird to me that Mallory will no longer be our only child, and it is crazy we are having TWINS!!!

I wanted to plan a special day for just Mallory and Mommy before I had to stay at home off my feet and before Mia and Madison arrive.

IMG_5546So, today, Saint Patrick’s Day, Mallory and Mommy got dressed in our green and headed out for a fun day together.  I told Mallory I was going to take her to 3 special places.  She was so excited, and she loved the fact that she would be surprised! IMG_5539First up, we headed to the mall.  We have been reading Easter books, and the other day we talked about how we needed to go see the Easter Bunny.  As soon as we pulled into the mall parking lot, Mallory said, “Yea, we are going to the mall!  I know, we are going to see the Easter Bunny!!” IMG_5542When we got there, no one was there.  I told Mallory we would wait a little bit to see if anyone showed up…also gave me some time to take some pictures of my cutie pie!

 IMG_5543 IMG_5547


IMG_5552Finally, we were able to ask someone what time the bunny would be there…they told us noon.  Since it was only 10:30, we decided we would come back after our other 2 surprise places…

IMG_5559The weather is getting nicer and it’s time for flip flops.  And, since Mommy can’t bend over that well or even see her toes, I decided to treat me and Mallory to a pedicure!  We went to the nail place by our house.  As I was driving towards our neighborhood, Mallory got concerned, “Why are we going this way?”  She had no idea where we were going, but she knew she definitely didn’t want to go home!!

               IMG_5553 IMG_5556 

 Mallory wanted PINK, her favorite color!!!  She loved picking out her very own color…

IMG_5560How CUTE is this chair!!!

IMG_5565 Even CUTER with Mallory in it!!! 

IMG_5562I have taken Mallory to get her toes and nails painted before but not a real pedicure…  She has gotten one with Mimi Brannen before but not with Mommy…she was too cute and excited!

 IMG_5563 IMG_5564 

IMG_5578Mommy got to sit right next to Mallory…I enjoyed my own pedicure while watching Mallory enjoy hers…

IMG_5581“Mommy, it tickles!”

    IMG_5583 IMG_5584


IMG_5587 IMG_5590


Funny to watch Mallory watching the workers…she was fascinated with their language…


IMG_5595 IMG_5597

Starting to really relax…

IMG_5602A girl has got to have pretty nails to go with her pretty toes…

IMG_5603All done…time to let them dry…

        IMG_5610  IMG_5608

                               Mallory loved the flip flops they gave her…

IMG_5618 IMG_5619


IMG_5620Mallory and Mommy both loved getting pampered!

      IMG_5624 IMG_5625 IMG_5622


IMG_5626Next up, lunch…at the tea room!  Mallory called it “Having a Tea Party.”

IMG_5629 IMG_5630

Mallory wanted me to read everything on the menu to her so she could decide exactly what she wanted…

IMG_5638Mallory’s very own set-up of yummy pink lemonade…


IMG_5631 IMG_5633 


IMG_5640 IMG_5641 IMG_5650 IMG_5651

She loved pouring her own…

IMG_5642She really loved every minute of all of it!!

IMG_5643Mallory went with the turkey sandwich with chips, and she said it was so yummy!!  When, she was done, she said, “Man, I wish I could have another turkey sandwich!”  IMG_5646We splurged and shared banana caramel pie, and it was YUMMY!!!

 IMG_5647 IMG_5649  


Our nice waitress offered to take a picture of us both.

Whew, just this week Mommy sure is starting to look puffy and swollen…

IMG_5652After we ate, we walked around the store…Mallory loved this little girly area…

IMG_5654 IMG_5656

I took these pictures on a little bench right outside the tea room.  Mallory said, “Mommy, remember when I sat here and took a picture with Kayden?”  Mallory has always amazed me with her memory!!  That was Spring Break TWO years ago when she and Kayden were two years old…

Back to the mall to see the Easter Bunny…it was so nice because there was no one in line… scan0008The photographer’s picture…

IMG_5660Then, Mommy took some of her own…

IMG_5663  IMG_5665

IMG_5666“Bye-bye Bunny.”


We had such a fun day together!  It was so much fun to surprise Mallory with all our stops and watch her little face light up with excitement!  When I asked her what her favorite part of the day was, she said, “Our tea party, I just loved that turkey sandwich, I just can’t quit talking about it!”

I love being Mallory’s Mommy!  She is so sweet and so, so funny!  She is a joy to be around!


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