Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Santa's Been Here! Santa's Been Here!"

Daddy set up the video camera in the living room to record Mallory. When she woke up, she came straight to our room and said, "Santa's not here." We told her he couldn't stay, because he had to go to a lot of kids' houses. We told her to go look and see if he had left her something.
On the video it shows her walking into the living room not even looking toward her kitchen and table. She goes to the Christmas tree, picks up a present from Great Aunt Dolly, sits on the couch, and opens it. She has been watching us put presents under the tree for the past few weeks, and she thought Dolly's was so cute because it was little. She yelled, "Mommy, mommy, look what Aunt Dolly gave me!"
As she hopped off the couch to come show us her new sticker book from Dolly, the video shows her do a double take toward the kitchen and the table. She just stares at it, turns and runs to our room saying, "Santa's been here! Santa's been here!"
We asked her what it was, and she said, "A kitchen, come look!"
"Look a kitchen with a phone!"
She always pretends to be talking on the phone, so she is going to love that!
"Look, it has food!"


Then, she had to check out the table...

Mallory loves it!

Now let's to see what Santa left in Mallory's stocking...


Hannah Montana microphone!

New gum...smells yummy!

A silver bell...

and much, much more!

All done!
This is going to be a FUN day!!!

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