Thursday, June 18, 2009

Destin ~ Day 6…

IMG_5454This morning, the girls decided to hang around our beach house to do some cleaning, laundry, and other fun things.  It is nice when you are on vacation for over a week, because you don’t have to rush to fit everything in, and you don’t feel bad if you just spend sometime hanging around the house…


Destin Day 6The girls went on a bike ride around our cute neighborhood…

IMG_5460Then, we sat on our front porch and did a fun craft…the girls made a LOBSTER…     Destin Day 61 First, the lobster body…

Destin Day 62Then, two lobster claws…

          IMG_8693   IMG_8694

                                               ALL DONE and CUTE AS CAN BE!


                           IMG_7624 IMG_7617

The girls loved the beach house…Mallory said her favorite part was the stairs…she played on them every day as much as she could…

     IMG_7628 IMG_7627

“Ooooooo, Joanne wouldn’t like you playing on the furniture like that!”  Anytime anyone would make a mess or the girls would act crazy in the beach house, Mommy and Mrs. Erin would say, “Sorry Joanne,” or some other comment about her.  Joanne owns the house, so it was a silly joke.  Mallory asked a few times, “Who’s Joanne?”  After explaining it to her, she finally got it. Just the other day at home, I told Mallory we needed to run an errand to Joanne’s because Mommy need some scrapbook paper and paint.  She said, “Wow, Joanne’s sure is a long way away!”


  IMG_5714 IMG_5678

After a busy day at the house, we went to dinner at THE CRAB TRAP…a restaurant right up the street and right on the beach…

IMG_5699  IMG_5706


  IMG_5680  IMG_5693

                          Our fabulous view from our table…IMG_5686 IMG_7656

The girls shared a bucket full of yummy food…

        IMG_7668   IMG_7667  

                 And, they even got to use shovels to scoop it out…

IMG_7671   IMG_7639  

    Mallory, Mommy, and Daddy enjoyed our seafood dinner!


                IMG_7689 IMG_7686

Back to the house for the best dessert at the beach…popsicles!

               IMG_7696 IMG_7683  


IMG_5726After dinner and popsicles…we got ready to go to the the beach… 

IMG_5716  IMG_5720


IMG_5729   IMG_5733

THE SHORT CUT…definitely one of the girls’ favorite things about the beach.  We would always take the short cut coming home from the beach.  But, most days going to the beach, the Mommies would take the girls down the boardwalk, because it sure made for some cute pictures.  But D and the Daddies always took the short cut both ways.  So, tonight when we walked down with D, he took the girls through the short cut. Mallory was so cute, she would say, “Mommy, watch out for the stickers, you got to be careful.”  She would tell me exactly what her daddy would tell her.  She really thought she was teaching me the ins and outs of the shortcut, and she was so proud and excited to do so.

THE SHORT CUT was definitely her favorite way to go…

IMG_5844  IMG_5845  IMG_5846 

        IMG_5736 IMG_5738

The beach was so pretty, calm, and relaxing in the evening…









IMG_5847      IMG_7914


IMG_5783Found a seashell!

      IMG_5849  IMG_7768

            The boys hanging out and looking for some little fish…

Destin Day 6 Erin

Now the girls turn to go fishing…

IMG_5753      IMG_5763_thumb[2]

 IMG_7795  IMG_7904



IMG_5868 IMG_5871

                          Getting dark…time to go night-night…

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