Sunday, June 14, 2009

Destin ~ Day 2…

IMG_6135Sitting on our cute little porch at our beach house…

Destin Day 2  IMG_6149

IMG_6151 IMG_6152


   IMG_6158                         IMG_6166  IMG_6171

                               Mallory and Mommy                   Kayden and Mrs. Erin

 IMG_6189The girls were sportin’ their visors and boy shorts…LOVE IT!!



IMG_6176  IMG_6192 

Destin Day 21Mallory and Kayden loved playing with all their beach toys, especially the wagon and the water cans…They filled the wagon with sand and would pour water over it.  When we asked them what they were doing, Kayden said, “We are making a garden.”  It was so cute!  They were hard at work with such serious little faces…

IMG_6228 IMG_6215  

IMG_6242These are some of Mommy’s favorite pictures…pure joy!  The girls had a blast playing in the waves… IMG_6238






IMG_6256  IMG_6257






Time for a snack, and it doesn’t even matter

if your hands are all sandy…

Destin Day 22


Playing with Mr. Kevin…

IMG_6318 IMG_6320

Mallory loved when Daddy would take her out in the waves…

IMG_6326 IMG_6329

Daddy would lift Mallory up when the big waves would come in…

IMG_6341Mommy loves Mallory!    IMG_6351
















IMG_6370Mommy with the girls…and you can see D, Mr. Kevin, And Daddy out in their favorite place…

 IMG_6355The Super Moms…man, oh, man did Mommy and Mrs. Erin have a good time at the beach!!

IMG_6385And our sweet little girls…

IMG_6373  IMG_6283IMG_6383    

IMG_6362Bye-Bye Beach…Be Back Tomorrow…

IMG_4498Back at the house getting all cleaned up after a fun day!

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