Saturday, June 13, 2009

Destin ~ Day 1…

IMG_5939Ready for the BEACH…how ADORABLE are they?!

 IMG_5946  IMG_5947

Our neighborhood was so cute…white picket fences lining all the front yards…a perfect place to strike a pose!


IMG_5983Love the hats, white sunglasses and cover-ups, and pink crocs…

IMG_5975   IMG_5989

IMG_5976 Precious…

IMG_5952  IMG_5994

Our house was a short walk to the beach… 

IMG_5999Getting close!

As soon as Mommy and Mrs Erin saw this boardwalk, we knew we had to get a picture of this everyday…

IMG_6007 Look at that beautiful blue water!!

IMG_6009When the girls saw the beach, they were SO EXCITED…just look at those smiles…

 IMG_6012 IMG_6015   

   Almost there…take shoes off and get those feet in the sand!


Yep, matching swim suits, too…Mommy and Mrs. Erin couldn’t resist these suits at Wal-Mart this morning while buying groceries…

IMG_6027This was so cute…Mallory said, “Kayden, this is like snow!”  She was so excited to finally be in the sand!


IMG_6025Running to find the boys…while the girls went to the store, Daddy, Mr. Kevin, and D found us the perfect spot on the beach to set up all our stuff… IMG_6034There they are…Mr. Kevin standing by our spot, and Daddy and D standing by the water…

  IMG_6042 IMG_6043

There’s Daddy!

IMG_4391  IMG_4392

Mallory loved the sand…she just started crawling and running all around in it…

IMG_6052Beach Beauty!!


IMG_6061  IMG_6068


       They LOVED the water and the waves…their expressions are priceless…


IMG_4436 IMG_4424

             Mallory loved sitting and waiting for the waves to come in…

 IMG_6075 IMG_6058

IMG_4426  IMG_4422


IMG_6060 IMG_4416         

Just like in Port Aransas last summer, if Mallory got water in her eyes, she would make this silly face and say, “Mommy, I need you.  I need you to wipe my eyes.”  After her eyes were wiped, she would go running back for more… 

 IMG_4454  IMG_4430 


 IMG_6072  IMG_6102

Mommy with the girls…                         Mommy with D…

  IMG_6111Beach Buddies!

IMG_4480Mallory had a smile on her face all day!!  It was a wonderful first day at the beach!

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