Saturday, June 20, 2009

Destin ~ Day 8…

IMG_6253This morning we woke up early, put on a pretty dress, and went to the beach to take pictures…

           IMG_6256 IMG_6270 

           IMG_6287 IMG_6288

IMG_6278The beach is so pretty and calm in the morning, but it sure is sunny and bright.  Everyday, the bright sun would make Mallory sneeze…

IMG_6279  IMG_6392

                 IMG_6338 IMG_6339

Destin Day 8

    IMG_6422 IMG_6409 IMG_6421

  Destin Day 81


IMG_6322  IMG_6456 

IMG_6538    IMG_6542

After Mallory got her dress all wet, we changed, waited for Mrs. Erin and Kayden, so we could go get donuts for breakfast…

 IMG_6511 IMG_6593 IMG_6533

                IMG_6507 IMG_6498


IMG_6556     Time to go to the Donut Hole to get some yummy donuts!

IMG_8656_thumb1 After breakfast, the girls played with their barbies and rested before we went back to the beach…

IMG_6618  IMG_9008 IMG_6621

When their daddies went to the store, the girls got their Father’s Day cards ready for tomorrow… 

IMG_6635 IMG_6639 IMG_6641 

IMG_6643Daddy is going to love it!



All ready to go play and swim at the beach!


IMG_8702Our last walk down the boardwalk…


IMG_8727 IMG_8725 IMG_8724 IMG_8730 IMG_6680


IMG_6693 IMG_6694 IMG_6701

The guys were always down at the beach before we got there, because, you know, it takes girls longer to get ready…Mallory loved to run to her Daddy everyday as soon as she saw him…

IMG_6708Mallory being silly…

IMG_6737 IMG_8910



IMG_9075Daddy throwing the ball with Mr. Kevin and D…

IMG_8805 IMG_8937

                             Splish Splash!

IMG_8770 IMG_8878

IMG_8862 IMG_8864

      Putting her face in…           Not crazy about the salt water in her eyes…. 

IMG_6836Time to look for seashells…

IMG_6783 IMG_6782

IMG_6775 IMG_6766 IMG_6856

IMG_6792 IMG_6798  

 The girls would find a seashell and run it up to mommy and Mrs. Erin to keep them in a bucket…

IMG_6824 IMG_6876 

              Mallory was so excited every time she found one!    

 IMG_8957 IMG_8964

Mommy and Mrs. Erin tried really hard to catch our girls some little fish that were swimming right beside our feet…but the harder we tried, the faster they swam…

IMG_8961 IMG_8967          

IMG_6920_thumb2 Wow…just one more day to go…

IMG_9163After the beach and showers, we decided it would be CAMO NIGHT at the beach house…we all loved just hangin’ out at our beach home…

IMG_6963 IMG_6960

                 D grillin’                                 Daddies chillin’

IMG_9135Got to start the night with popsicles while sitting on our favorite little porch…

                                       IMG_9138 IMG_9146

                IMG_9111 IMG_9112

                                       Next, the girls colored…

                         IMG_9134 IMG_9129

                                Posed for some cute pictures…

IMG_9158And, did sidewalk chalk… 

IMG_9172Then, the girls heard the ice cream truck…got to get ice cream even if it is before dinner, because we’re on vacation!


             Hmmmmm, what’s it going to be?  Lots to choose from…

 IMG_6926IMG_6937 IMG_6939

                                  They were super excited!


IMG_6946  IMG_6945

         The ice cream man let the girls get in the ice cream truck!


 IMG_6953 Bye-Bye ice cream truck…

IMG_6954                    “Hey, look what I got!”                                         

IMG_9191  IMG_6965 

Too funny they got a popsicles, because it’s not like they haven’t had those lately…

IMG_6956 IMG_6957 

                                                                 Friends share…


         IMG_9195  IMG_9194

IMG_9193Yummy for my tummy!

IMG_6969After dinner the girls played Starfall on their mommies’ computers…

IMG_6972  IMG_6977

           After tonight, just one more day at the beach…sniff,sniff…


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