Sunday, June 21, 2009

Destin ~ Day 9…Our Last Day and Father’s Day…

IMG_6996We began our last day by going to the beach first thing in the morning…

IMG_7039 IMG_7043

IMG_7000 IMG_6999The bright sunshine making Mallory sneeze again…

IMG_6982 IMG_6991

IMG_7052IMG_7037 IMG_6992

IMG_9239 IMG_7005 IMG_7006

IMG_7048 IMG_7049 IMG_7050

IMG_7011 IMG_7012 IMG_6988


IMG_7063 IMG_9299

Mr. Kevin went fishing just about every morning, and he caught a fish on our last day!!!

IMG_9302 IMG_7068

IMG_7055Bach to our beach home to get ready to take our daddies out for Father’s Day…

IMG_7080Mallory LOVES Daddy!

IMG_7074 IMG_7077

To celebrate Father’s Day we went to Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin… IMG_7084


IMG_7101 IMG_7099

IMG_7212 We went to HammerHead’s to sit in the shade, relax, and enjoy some drinks…IMG_7116 Yummy pink lemonade…

IMG_7121 IMG_9353

We had a perfect view of the harbor and Mallory loved watching the boats come in…

IMG_9356The girls also watched and listened to a man singing and playing the piano…


Of course they had a chance to be silly…

IMG_9386Then, their daddies made them laugh and laugh…these pictures are too cute!

IMG_7131 IMG_7133


IMG_9382 IMG_7132 IMG_9390 IMG_7144

IMG_9380We sure do have funny daddies!

IMG_7173We were about to leave, but Mallory wanted to got dance to the music…Mallory loves music, she sings and dances all of the time…

IMG_7175 IMG_7178


The music man asked Mallory to come up and play the piano with him, and she did not hesitate one bit!

IMG_7194 IMG_7181 IMG_7184 IMG_7186


IMG_7202 IMG_7196

Maybe we should sign her up for piano lessons!


IMG_7182 IMG_7191

Mallory had an audience and a couple dancing to her tunes…

IMG_7197 IMG_7208IMG_7185

IMG_7211 Where Mallory got her start…

IMG_7214Between the heat and the piano playing, a girl sure can get worn out…

IMG_7238We walked around to check out all the cool things at Baytowne…

IMG_9423_thumb[2] IMG_9420_thumb[1]

Like this BIG ice cream and these BIG hamburgers…

IMG_7241 IMG_7242

IMG_7278 IMG_7261

IMG_7285 Time to take Daddy out for dinner…

IMG_7288We had a yummy seafood dinner at Fudpucker’s…

IMG_7299 IMG_7293

WOW…check out all of those alligators!

IMG_7305 IMG_7320

Let’s feed those gators!

IMG_9520 IMG_7330

IMG_7341 IMG_7336

IMG_7359 IMG_7372

IMG_7364We tried and tried, but those alligators would not wake up…


IMG_7389 IMG_9526

IMG_7412Crazy Mr. Kevin…

IMG_7421 IMG_7422

IMG_7444Jamming to “Boom Boom Pow” after dinner in our party van…

IMG_7441 IMG_7431 IMG_7436

IMG_9556Look what Daddy is getting for Father’s Day!

IMG_9550Let’s go surprise him!

IMG_9561 IMG_7460

The girls were SO EXCITED!!!

IMG_9562 IMG_7461

IMG_9564 IMG_7464

IMG_7467 IMG_7471IMG_7468 IMG_7469


Happy Father’s Day…I love you!

IMG_9585_thumb[3]We had to end our day by going to the beach one more time…

IMG_7491 IMG_7492

We had to take the truck to the beach so we could load up all our stuff…IMG_7493

IMG_7504_thumb[2] IMG_9588_thumb[2]


IMG_7494 IMG_7512 IMG_7495


IMG_7536 “Wow, what’s Daddy doing?”

IMG_7542 IMG_7557

Flying a kite!

IMG_7546 IMG_7548



IMG_7553 IMG_9677


IMG_7545 IMG_7559

IMG_9604 IMG_9608 IMG_9625 IMG_9642 IMG_9652 We had the best vacation ever! We sure are going to miss the beach…

IMG_9633Bye-Bye Beach…we’ll be back soon…

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