Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8 weeks…

   IMG_0643This week, I am 8 weeks pregnant.  Now that we know that there are TWO babies in there, who knows HOW BIG THIS BELLY is going to get!

I have been pretty nauseous the last few weeks.  I was not nauseous at all while pregnant with Mallory.  The doctor says I definitely have more hormones going on with twins, so maybe this is the reason.  I have also been very tired.  Of course, I am always worn out the first few weeks of a new school year…getting back into the swing of things, standing up all day, dealing with hundreds of kids.  But, being in my first trimester as well, I have been extremely tired.  I am usually done by 7:00 at night; once I sit on the couch, I can’t get back up.  But, Wesley and Mallory are taking good care of me, so  am in good hands… IMG_0644It has been pretty crazy telling everyone about the twins.  People have different reactions…they are either so overwhelmed for us or so very excited.

Granny was just plain excited; Papaw was a little more surprised.

When we told Dad and Judy I was pregnant, they said, “We always thought we would have 8 grandchildren.”  So, when I called them to tell them about the twins, I simply said, “You need to change that number 8 to 9!”  Of course they got it right away, and they were shocked but so very excited!

When Daddy told Mimi and Granddad there’s two, they were super excited, too!  Mimi said Granddad kind of chuckled.

We are so thankful to have such wonderful parents!  And, Mallory and these babies are so lucky to have the best grandparents!

We called Uncle Joe, Aunt Angie, Uncle Jody, and Aunt Joni on the web cam…it was so fun to watch Mallory tell them, “I am going to be a big sister.”  They were so excited.  But, when she would also told them, “And, we are going to have two babies.”  They could not believe it!!!

Chris and Molly were pretty funny, too.  When I called them and let Mallory tell them, all Chris said was, “Lori.”  He couldn’t believe what he heard.

My friends are so excited for me, and they have been such good friends to listen to all my worries and concerns.  They all tell me how great it is going to be.  Paulette is so sweet and giddy about the whole thing.  Julie says if anyone she knows can handle it, it is me, because I am so organized.  Mel says it is wonderful and a double blessing.  When I told Erin, I asked her if they would still go places with us…she laughed and said yes, you will need the extra hand.  Kristy, Allison, and Terri were so good to me at work…they were the first ones I told the day I found out.  As soon, as I saw them after my appointment, I burst into tears.  They thought I had a miscarriage.  When I said, “They told us there’s two,” they freaked out with excitement and gave me the biggest hugs!  My friends understand the overwhelmed feeling I have, but they keep telling me it is going to all work out and be great…definitely things I need to hear.  I am so lucky to have such great friends!

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