Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!


Mallory and Mommy went to the Fort Worth Zoo with Paulette and Jackson.  Our plans were to go to Mayfest, but it was canceled because of swine flu.  So, we decided to go to the zoo instead.  It was the best zoo trip ever!  It was not crowded, because people were afraid to get out in public (because of the swine flu scare) and it was overcast and supposed to rain.  It wasn’t too hot which means all the animals were out and active.  We had a wonderful time!!

IMG_3333While we were waiting for Paulette and Jackson to meet us, Mommy had time to take some super cute pics of Mallory!





IMG_3338Mallory was super excited to see all the animals and to see Paulette and Jackson!

IMG_3319This way first!

                 IMG_3332  That flamingo is looking right at her!!

Wow! That big gorilla is looking right at them, too! 




   IMG_3384  Mallory loved feeding the birds!  Her bird watcher daddy will be PROUD!!





Mallory thinks Jackson is so silly; she laughed at him all day…they were so cute walking around holding hands…

 IMG_3397    Train ride…





IMG_3405editToo Cute!


    Petting stingrays…IMG_3409



Our last stop was the new penguin area, and they were so cute!!  They would swim right up to the glass and look at Mallory! 

While we were inside here, it started raining really hard.  So, we hurried to the train again, luckily we had our umbrellas, but we still got wet.  As we were under the covered train area, it started hailing.  Mallory never got scared even though it was really loud hitting the metal roof.  By the time we got on the train and rode it back to the front of the zoo, it was just sprinkling.  We were ready to go anyway after seeing the penguins, but we really were ready know since we were wet.  It was the best zoo experience even though it ended with a heavy storm…



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