Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend…

IMG_3985We have been very busy, so Mommy was looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend at home.  We hung out in the backyard a lot…we are getting ready for summer!  Mommy can’t wait!!  Mimi came over Sunday, and Daddy grilled out yummy steaks for us.  Mimi brought over Gramps’ dog, Ellie, who is now living with Mimi and Granddad :o)


Mallory enjoyed sitting at her picnic table doing water colors…

IMG_3842  IMG_3844   IMG_3853 IMG_3848



IMG_4027On Memorial Day, during Mallory’s nap, Daddy snuck out to buy Mallory a new swimming pool.  When she woke up, Mallory was VERY excited about her surprise!!!  We spent all afternoon outside…Mommy and Daddy got some sun and relaxed while Mallory played in her new pool…

IMG_4028 IMG_4027 IMG_4031

IMG_4018It’s COLD!

IMG_4020  IMG_4019


IMG_4014 IMG_4016    

IMG_4021  IMG_4024




 IMG_4026Mallory had so much fun in her backyard today!

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