Monday, May 11, 2009

Recital Rehearsal…

IMG_3794At Dance class tonight, Mommy got to watch Mallory’s routines for her upcoming dance recital at the end of May.  Mommy was so excited to see what she has learned, because usually no parents allowed during class.  We all had no idea what to expect… 


IMG_3799Mallory and Kayden being silly before class got started…

IMG_3798Mallory noticed right away that Ms. Candace got a new haircut…she had to go to tell her she liked it…

IMG_3797Looking back at these pictures, I can definitely see Mallory’s red, puffy, left eye.  When we were getting ready for dance, she had some congestion in her eye, but I didn’t think much of it until later.  Little did we know, the next day she would be at home with pink eye…

IMG_3804   IMG_3803 

First the girls lined up to show us their ballet routine to “Pizzicatti”

 IMG_3805   IMG_3813

erins   erins2

How awesome is Ms.Candice for putting Mallory and Kayden right beside each other for both dances!  The girls even have a part where they danced together holding hands…Mommy and Ms. Erin thought it was so precious, and when we saw it we smiled so big at each other…



Time for Tap to the song, “Broadway Baby”…and it was adorable!

  IMG_3821  IMG_3833


    They finished the tap routine in line with leg kicks!

IMG_3838  IMG_3839


Mommy was so proud of Mallory and impressed she new so much of her dances!  Several times Mommy got teary eyed watching her little dancer…it will be so awesome to see Mallory on a big stage all dressed up for the real recital!  She knew the tap routine much better than the ballet, and that was the case for most of the girls.  Ms. Candice made us a CD of the music, and Mommy took lots of video so we can practice at home.  As soon as we got in the car, Mallory wanted me to play the CD…she sang most of the words to “Broadway Baby.”  She was so excited and Mommy was, too!!!

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