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We Love Gramps…

Zoo & Halloween & with Gramps 029November 2007

family2Christmas 2007IMG_5955

Gramps last day here 1-13-08 003January 2008

IMG_4863July 2007

IMG_4862 IMG_4850


IMG_1747May 2006

This weekend we went to San Antonio for Gramps’ Memorial.

Before we left, we had a conversation with Mallory:

Daddy: “We are going to Aunt Patsy’s house, but Gramps will not be there.”

Mallory: “Why?”

Daddy: “Because she is in Heaven.”

Mallory: As she is looking up, “Why?”

Daddy: “Because sometimes when you get sick, you go see God in Heaven.”

Mallory: “When she gets better, will she come back down here?”

Mommy: “You know how God made us all? Well, when we get older, we go to Heaven to live with God.”

Mallory: “Well, when y’all grow up big and go to Heaven, I won’t have a family.”

Daddy: “That won’t be for a long time.”

Mallory: Looking up she asks, “How did Gramps get way up there?”

Daddy: “Angels helped her.”

Gramps was 94; she had a long, wonderful life. We all wanted to celebrate her life, so we had a Luau celebration at Aunt Patsy’s house. It was good to see all the family while remembering Gramps and our love for her.

Mom's Celebration of Life 041

Mom's Celebration of Life 024

IMG_3719Paige and Mallory swimming in Aunt Patsy’s pool…

IMG_3715Mallory’s second cousin, Justin, helping her get used to the life jacket…


She was not a big fan of the life jacket…she couldn’t keep herself upright…

Mom's Celebration of Life 032She made a quick trade and liked the little fish float much better…


Mom's Celebration of Life 034

IMG_3726 IMG_3727

Playing with Mitch…


IMG_3743“Hi Daddy!”

IMG_3738 Had to take a potty break. While in the bathroom, Mallory said, “I love that water; it is so fun!” Then, she wanted to try Paige’s lifejacket, so Aunt Donna helped her…

IMG_3732The noodle helped her stay up…she was kicking her feet and making splashes…

IMG_3741Mallory with her cousins…Paige, Jonah, and Mitch…

IMG_3742Too cute!

IMG_3745Daddy chillin’ with Mimi, Uncle Jerry, and Aunt Donna…

IMG_3762 IMG_3764

Before we left to go back to our hotel, Mallory and Paige gave Mimi her Mother’s Day gifts…

IMG_3782 IMG_3770

How precious are they listening to Mimi read her card…

IMG_3773 IMG_3775

Mallory gave Mimi a super cute wallet with dogs all over it…Mimi loves dogs. She and Granddad always babysit Daisy when we go out of town, and we appreciate it so much! And, Mimi is even taking Gramps’ dog home with her :o) Looks like Mimi likes it and Paige, too!

IMG_3778Mallory had to point out her favorite…

IMG_3786A sweet hug from Mimi’s girls…

IMG_3772We LOVE you Mimi…we know this has been a difficult time for you…

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