Thursday, May 14, 2009

Opening Night at the Cats Game!

IMG_3858Mimi and Pawpaw treated Mallory, Mommy, and Daddy to opening night at the Fort Worth Cats baseball game…

  IMG_3859 IMG_3883

Mallory enjoyed watching the game while sitting on Mimi’s lap and while eating cracker jacks!

IMG_3892Mallory and Mommy love going to baseball games together!

IMG_3862Here comes DODGER!!

IMG_3860Dodger always makes his appearance in a cool way, but for opening night he came in a helicopter!  Mallory LOVES Dodger and helicopters…so she thought this was super cool!


IMG_3870 See Dodger’s hand waving!



 IMG_3874 IMG_3875

Mallory was so excited to see Dodger get out!IMG_3876


There HE is!


IMG_3910Mallory and Mommy walked up to the left field lawn to check out the view…


IMG_3924 IMG_3927 IMG_3922



Only in Fort Worth will you see horses in the outfield of a baseball game…

    IMG_3934Mallory ended the night sharing peanuts with Pawpaw…

IMG_3894Thanks Mimi and Pawpaw for taking us the the Cats game…we had a great time!


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