Friday, December 18, 2009

20 weeks…

IMG_3681This week I am 20 weeks pregnant, and, look how big my belly is!  This is about how big I was with Mallory at 8 months! IMG_3679

IMG_3680 IMG_3682-1

IMG_3685 IMG_3687 I am feeling great physically!  There are times I am a little uncomfortable, but that is to be expected.  And, I do have to take tums once in awhile for indigestion.  But, other than that, I feel great!  Emotionally, this pregnancy is much more stressful.  Our baby girls have Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, which is something identical twins can develop when sharing a placenta.  We go to the high risk doctor every week to monitor their growth; we go to my regular doctor every 2 weeks to check my weight, blood pressure, and my belly measurement; and, we have gone to a fetal cardiologist twice to check the babies’ hearts.  At our last cardiologist appointment, the doctor told us the hearts showed no signs of failure or compromise, so we wouldn’t have to come back for a month!  We felt like we passed a test!  I am feeling the babies move all the time now.  And, I can tell which one is which when they move, that is really cool!  We hope and pray every day that our girls will continue to grow and be healthy!

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