Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seeing Santa at School…

IMG_4665Sirius, Tatum, Dylan, Ms. Sharon, Mallory, Alainna, and Kayden

Every year, Santa comes to our neighborhood school in a helicopter.  This is Mallory’s third year to see it!  Thanks to Ms. Sharon for taking the kids so they can experience this awesome event!

IMG_1454 IMG_4670

      Mallory was excited that Kayden got to come, too!


RC3_0320_thumb2 IMG_4676

                                            Here comes SANTA!!

RC3_0325_thumb2  RC3_0325Mallory and Sirius’ faces are priceless…

RC3_0335_thumb3 RC3_0338_thumb2

RC3_0355_thumb3 RC3_0375There HE is!!!

RC3_0360 RC3_0363_thumb 

                                            Mrs. Claus came, too!

IMG_4687_thumb[2] IMG_1458

IMG_1467And…Elves, Soldiers, and Rudolph!



IMG_1463Mallory got to give Santa a high five!

IMG_1470 IMG_1471      

                              Mallory got to touch Frosty’s hand, too!

RC3_0560_thumb[2]Santa and his friends have to go…

RC3_0565_thumb[2] RC3_0567


Mommy wishes she could have gone with Mallory like she did last year.  But, since I have been missing work so much for doctor appointments, I just couldn’t do it.  I am so thankful Ms. Sharon took Mallory and the gang.  Maybe next year, Mommy can take all THREE of her GIRLS!

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