Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Muffins Anyone?

IMG_2696Since last Friday, when Ms. Sharon gave Mallory her own baking set, Mallory has been wanting to make muffins.  So, that’s what we did this morning…

IMG_2694 IMG_2695 

IMG_2699 IMG_2702 IMG_2708

                   Mallory made banana nut muffins all by herself!

IMG_2713 IMG_2719 IMG_2721

 IMG_2722All done!  Ready to bake them!

IMG_2723 IMG_2724

                                                    Now, time to eat them!

IMG_2731Yummy!  Mallory loved her muffins and made sure we didn’t eat them all so we could save some for Daddy.  Mallory loves to cook…she always wants to help us in the kitchen!

IMG_2726 Daddy had to go out of town today, and even though we missed him, Mommy and Mallory had a great day together!  Mallory thought it was so silly that we stayed in our pajamas all day!  We made muffins, played games, did Christmas crafts, wrapped presents, laughed, talked, and gave each other lots of hugs and kisses.

For dinner, I asked Mallory where she wanted to go eat dinner, and she picked Subway.  So, after eating our sub sandwiches, we drove around a looked at Christmas lights.  When Daddy called us later that night, he asked her what she had been doing, and she said, “Me and Mommy went on a date!”

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