Thursday, December 24, 2009

Getting Ready for Santa…

IMG_3005After coming in from the snow, it was the perfect time for Mallory to open her traditional Christmas Eve gift…

IMG_3001 IMG_3003 

Of course, Daisy wanted to help… IMG_3007CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS!



 IMG_3090 IMG_3086  

                    So sweet!                           Daisy and her silly ears!

IMG_3080Ready to make cookies for Santa!

IMG_3024 IMG_3025   


IMG_3034Mommy got a sugar cookie kit from a student at school, so we decided to make sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles for Santa…

IMG_3045 IMG_3050

IMG_3047 IMG_3048

          Mallory said, “Mommy, you got to smell them!”

IMG_3049She couldn’t believe how yummy they smelled!

IMG_3067 IMG_3068 IMG_3069 

            Roll it,                                            Pat it…

IMG_3070Oops, it got stuck!

IMG_3073Mallory used a snowflake cookie cutter…just perfect since it is snowing outside…

       IMG_3063 IMG_3062     

IMG_3074Time to put them in the oven!

While the cookies were baking and then cooling, Mallory…

    IMG_3020 IMG_3022

         Enjoyed her sucker Mimi bought her from the Gaylord…

    IMG_3051 IMG_3054

        Tracked Santa’s location on the computer with Daddy…

IMG_3099 IMG_3100 IMG_3101

                          IMG_3102 IMG_3107

IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_3112

IMG_3147 IMG_3154

                                 Made a cute little Santa…


IMG_3122Drank some hot chocolate…

IMG_3118 IMG_3120

  IMG_3115Then, the best part of the night, Mallory watched a video Santa sent her this morning through email!  It was so cute!  Santa talked about how good she had been this year and even showed her his book that had all the kids’ names that were on the Nice List.  He opened to Mallory’s page, and there was a picture of her and the things listed she wanted him to bring her!!!  She was absolutely amazed!!!

IMG_3116 IMG_3124 IMG_3117

IMG_3125 IMG_3128 IMG_3129


This is when she saw her picture in his book!

IMG_3130 IMG_3134

IMG_3132  Bye-Bye Santa…

IMG_3135 Mallory thought that was the BEST thing EVER!!!

The cookies were finally ready to be iced and sprinkled…

IMG_3136 IMG_3138 IMG_3139


 IMG_3141 IMG_3145

IMG_3146Santa is going to LOVE them!

IMG_3161Santa’s special plate…

IMG_3157 IMG_3163

 IMG_3164 IMG_3167

Mallory decided Santa needed chocolate milk this year.  And, she didn’t forget the carrots Santa told her in his letter to put out for his reindeer…


She had to make sure the carrots were good…


                  IMG_3174 IMG_3175

As Mallory was putting out the cookies for Santa, she said, “Mommy, we got to move this thing so Santa can get in!”  She was talking about the fireplace screen…  IMG_3177Then, she saw the candles;  she made me move those, too.  She even looked up the chimney, and said, “It’s not open, we got to open it!”  Mallory was going to make sure Santa could get in her house!

IMG_3183Now, she thought it was ready!

IMG_3179  IMG_3181 IMG_3182 

                            She was so cute and so excited!

IMG_3184Everything is all set for Santa…time to get ready for bed…

  IMG_3188 IMG_3189 IMG_3190


Mallory pulled her last link off her Christmas countdown…then we remembered to say good-bye to Nick… IMG_3193Mallory was sad that Nick had to go, but we will come back to the Moore house next year.  Just think, he will have THREE little girls to watch over!

 IMG_3195 IMG_3196

Mallory blowing Nick a good-bye kiss…

IMG_3197“I love you Nick!”

After a fun-filled day, Mommy and Mallory read several books in bed.  Mallory said, “I am so excited; I can’t go to sleep.”  I told her she had to go to sleep so Santa would come.  Mommy told her stories about Christmas Eve when she was little.  Uncle Joe and Mommy would sleep together on Christmas Eve, and we would have a hard time falling asleep, too.  Uncle Joe would wake Mommy up early Christmas morning and say, “Lori, go see if Santa has been here.”  So, Mommy would tip toe to the living room, look, and come running back yelling, “Santa’s been here, Santa’s been here!”  Mallory giggled and giggled; then, she asked, “Can I sleep with the babies next year?”  And, I said, “Absolutely!”

After, Mallory finally was fast asleep, Santa came…


           IMG_3198 IMG_3199

Santa brought Mallory exactly what she asked for “a high chair for my dollies.”  Santa put some new pajamas on Felicity, put her in the high chair, and got matching pajamas for Mallory!

IMG_3200Santa stuffed Mallory’s stocking, ate the cookies, drank his milk, gave the carrots to his reindeer, and even left Mallory a note that read…


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