Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be My Valentine…

  IMG_4394Mallory has been super excited about Valentine’s Day!  Tonight, after dinner (can you tell what we had?  Yep, spaghetti…check out her red mouth!) we got her Valentine’s ready for her party tomorrow at Ms. Sharon’s house…  IMG_4400Mallory has been all about Scooby Doo since we watched the movie together on New Year’s Eve.  So, she didn’t hesitate one bit when she saw these Valentine’s at the store! IMG_4401Mommy read each Valentine, and Mallory chose which friend would get each one.  Mommy wrote her friends’ names, and Mallory wrote her own name.  She did such a good job writing her name and so sweet deciding who gets which one.  All the Valentine’s were the same size except there was one big one.  When Mallory saw it, she said, “That one’s for me!”  So, Mommy wrote Mallory’s name on it and put from Mommy…

IMG_4406 IMG_4403

 Mallory picked out suckers and heart candy  for her friends.  She taped each sucker on the box of candy…IMG_4410When we were at the store getting all the stuff, I asked Mallory to name all the kids for me so I could count them.  Then, she said, “Mommy, we cant forget about Ms. Sharon!”  So, she picked out some things for Ms. Sharon, too.  Mallory loves Ms. Sharon sooooooooooo much!!!

IMG_4413All Mallory’s Valentine’s are ready!  She told me, “Mommy, I have to wear that red dress for my party tomorrow!”  So, off to bed…we have to get up early so Mommy can get Mallory ready for the big day!!!

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