Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow and a Party…Can’t Get Better Than This!

MVI_1721Sirius, Tatum, and Mallory were the only ones at Ms. Sharon’s this morning.  The snow started falling in the early morning and had not stopped yet, so the kids were ready to get outside and play!  Ms. Sharon got them all bundled up and ready to play in the snow.  Tatum did not bring gloves, but Mommy brought Mallory two pairs.  Ms. Sharon said that Mallory offered her extra pair to Tatum…Mallory is so thoughtful and sweet!

MVI_1723-1  MVI_1723 

                                      First, Mallory got a snowball and threw it!


IMG_1730 IMG_1732

                        Then, they all built a snowman together…


Checkout that AWESOME SNOWMAN!!

IMG_1735After Bailey and Ashlyn got out of school and Alainna and Dylan came over, it was time for the Valentine’s Party!

IMG_1738 IMG_1739

               Ms. Sharon getting everything all ready and serving it up!

                  (Alainna’s Daddy was there, so I guess he was taking these pictures) 

IMG_1740Ready for the Valentine’s treats!!


IMG_1741 IMG_1737 IMG_1742

      IMG_1743 IMG_1744 IMG_1745 ]

                             Alainna, Dylan, Sirius, Bailey, Ashlyn, and Tatum…

IMG_1750And, Mallory and Ms. Sharon!

It is crazy to think this is Mallory’s last Valentine’s party at Ms. Sharon since she will be going to Pre-School next year.  Thanks Ms. Sharon for a great day…Mallory had so much fun!

IMG_1753When Mommy and Daddy got there to pick Mallory up, she was so excited to show us all her Valentine’s surprises and the snowman they made.  Mommy was excited to get home, so our family could play in the snow together!

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