Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bullard Football and Pumpkin Patch…

IMG_0708  This is Mallory and Mommy’s third year in a row to go to Bullard in October.  We leave right after school on Friday night, so we can make it to Uncle Joe’s football game.  Here’s Mallory and her cousins, Bryce and Brooklyn, all ready to cheer on Uncle Joe’s Bullard Panther’s!  Mallory had so much fun playing with her cousins in the bleachers, eating snacks, and watching the cheerleaders, band, and football players.Mallory and Bryce also had a blast throwing a football to each other…

IMG_0712 On Saturday, we went to Moore Farm’s Pumpkin Patch.  This has become an October tradition!  This is Bryce and Mallory’s third year in a row to visit and Brooklyn’s second year… 



 IMG_0723 IMG_0725

   IMG_0733 IMG_0729Where you going Brooklyn???

   IMG_0736Mommy’s cute, little pumpkin… 



                         IMG_0739  IMG_0743

  IMG_0749The kids did a great job posing for pictures. Mommy and Aunt Angie talked about how crazy it would be next year when we come again but with TWO more cute little pumpkins!! IMG_0752 IMG_0754



IMG_0766     IMG_0768-1  It was a cloudy day and a little cool.  But, we were so glad it wasn’t raining since it has been raining so much lately.  It was really muddy, but no one fell in the mud…thank goodness! IMG_0769-2

IMG_0772Time to play!

IMG_0770 IMG_0771


IMG_0775 Waiting for the hayride…

IMG_0776Here it comes!!


IMG_0783Riding the hayride out to the pumpkin patch…

IMG_0779 IMG_0782 

IMG_0786 Mommy and Mallory…


IMG_0789Aunt Angie, Bryce, and Brooklyn…

IMG_0792  Just the girls…


IMG_0796 Lots of fun in the Pumpkin Patch…looking for the perfect pumpkin…

IMG_0800  IMG_0803



IMG_0808 Found one!


IMG_0813 This is a silly one!

IMG_0810 This was Mallory’s favorite!


IMG_0812  IMG_0814

IMG_0816Such Cute Cousins!


IMG_0817   IMG_0819-2  IMG_0821 Mallory finally decided on this little pumpkin for herself…



IMG_0825We all picked out our very own pumpkin…now it was time for the corn maze…


This corn maze was crazy!  It was so overgrown and hard to find your way through…sometimes you didn’t even feel like you were on a path…

IMG_0831 IMG_0832

Mallory and Bryce did a great job leading us through the maze. They would talk to one another about which way to go and agree on a plan...

       IMG_0833Mallory said several times, “I’m not sure about this!”


 IMG_0837 “This way!”

IMG_0840Finally, we let Aunt Angie lead us out of there, so we wouldn’t miss the hayride back..

IMG_0851-1All loaded up and ready to go to the car…

      IMG_0852-1Cutest pumpkins on the farm!


IMG_0858 IMG_0859

                                    They enjoyed their ride…

 IMG_0871We had a FUN time!

IMG_0870 We’ll be back next year!

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