Saturday, October 17, 2009

Playing at the Park…

IMG_1088This afternoon, Mallory, Mommy, and Daddy met Mimi and Pawpaw at the Benbrook park and baseball fields.  Pawpaw thought there was a carnival going on there, but it ended up being mostly a craft show.  Mallory didn’t care…she had a blast playing at the park!

IMG_1067Mommy used to play at this park when she was little and played t-ball and softball there, too.  Watching Mallory play on the same playground equipment I used to play on brought back memories!  Here’s Mallory is on the robot (I used to think it was sooooooo high!), and Pawpaw and Daddy down below…



IMG_1063 IMG_1065

IMG_1066  IMG_1082

IMG_1069 IMG_1072

                 Mallory and Mommy got to ride a little train…

 IMG_1084 Mallory loved this little slide…definitely her favorite!

IMG_1085  IMG_1091 “Hey everybody!”

IMG_1094“Big hug and kiss thank you for taking me to the park, Pawpaw!”

After Mallory was done playing, we went to eat at Fudrucker’s.  Mommy and the babies have been craving a hamburger and french fries, so it was a yummy dinner that hit the spot!

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