Monday, October 12, 2009

“You know you’re having twins, right?”

10-12-2009 Twins 11 wks We had a doctor appointment this morning, I am 11 weeks pregnant…our first one since we found out we are having twins.  It has been exactly 3 weeks since we found out, and it is sinking in a little more now.  Some days I feel pretty good about it; then, other days, I kind of freak out about it.  I am sure it will get better and better.  A lot of it is just the fear of the unknown, the anticipation, the wonder of how we will handle it.

First, we had a sonogram.  The first thing the sonogram tech said was, “You know you’re having twins, right?”  She thought she had already told us but wanted to make sure.

The babies were both 4cm long

Baby A’s heart rate was 162

Baby B’s heart rate was 170

(That was a lot higher than last time 144/155)

I asked her if she agreed with higher heart rates are girls and lower heart rates are boys?

She said, “No, I actually think it is the opposite; girls lower, boys higher.”

Who knows, but we shall see soon.  We scheduled another sonogram for November 23rd; I will be 17 weeks, and she said she should be able tell us the sex of the babies then…

We met with the Dr. Krum after the sonogram, and we were able to talk to him more this time.  Last time we were so speechless because of the shocking news, we didn’t say a word.  He told me he did want me to see a specialist, so he referred us to Dr.Peters.  We left Dr. Krum’s office and went straight downstairs to schedule our appointment with Dr. Peters.  They wanted to get us in the next week, because of specific testing they do during the 12th week.  So, we scheduled our appointment for the following Thursday, October 22nd…

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