Thursday, October 29, 2009


IMG_1298Mallory has been so excited about Halloween!  When you ask her, “What are you excited about?”  She will say, “I just can’t wait to get all that candy!”  So, when Mommy came home today with a bunch of candy, Malory was SUPER EXCITED!!!

IMG_1299She couldn’t believe how big our candy bowl was and how much candy we had!

IMG_1310She loved the cups Mommy got for her to use to fill with treats for her friends at Ms. Sharon’s…

            IMG_1300 IMG_1301

Mallory was so cute…she had such a system going, and she knew exactly whose cup was whose…

IMG_1302  IMG_1305 

IMG_1311 All done and ready for the Halloween party tomorrow at Ms. Sharon’s house…

IMG_1312Mallory is so sweet and takes pride in giving things to others…we are so proud of her!

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