Friday, October 16, 2009

Prettiest Pumpkins in the Patch…

IMG_2405Tonight we went with the Simpson’s to the Pumpkin Farm in Colleyville…the girls wore their cute shirts that Mommy and Mrs. Erin made for them.  The girls always get so excited when they get to dress alike…


At the entrance of the Pumpkin Farm was this truck, and Mommy and Mrs. Erin just knew we had to take some pictures of the girls on it…


IMG_0929   IMG_2406  

IMG_0927   Having fun already!

 IMG_0931 IMG_0932


IMG_0938  IMG_2423  IMG_0936  IMG_0942 Already got some adorable pictures, and we haven’t even made it into the farm yet.  So, we headed to meet Daddy and Mr. Kevin at the entrance…

IMG_0946 Once we got in, there were so many things to look at and so many cute places to take pictures…


 IMG_0951 IMG_0952



IMG_0961  IMG_0965


Mallory and Kayden liked playing in this little house made out of hay…

 IMG_0970Mallory loved the little baby pumpkins!


 IMG_0974  IMG_2456


IMG_1056These white pumpkins were cool looking…IMG_1055

IMG_2460_thumb[2]The girls had so much fun, and they looked adorable!


IMG_0997The Moore’s…


IMG_2469The Simpson’s…

IMG_1039Mommy and Mrs. Erin wore matching shirts, too.  We also have matching baby bumps.  Mrs. Erin is due March 3rd and Mommy is due May 2nd…how fun it will be to have our babies so close in age just like Mallory and Kayden…

IMG_1042 IMG_1043

                       Mommy is 11 weeks and Mrs. Erin is 19 weeks…


IMG_0993 IMG_0982      

IMG_2473_thumb[2]Mallory and Kayden were so excited to go in the corn maze, and this definitely was their favorite of the night…

IMG_1001_thumb[2]  IMG_2472   

                                 Paying the nice man so we can go in…

IMG_1007_thumb[2]They’re off!

We let the girls lead the way, and they were so funny deciding which way to go…


IMG_2482 Oh no, which way to go?!?


IMG_2479Struttin’ their stuff…and so proud to lead their mommies though the maze…

IMG_2478_thumb[2]        IMG_1005Another decision to make…this way or that way??

IMG_1010Dead End…

When we would turn around after a dead end, the girls would tell other people, “Don’t go that way, that’s the wrong way.”

IMG_2484 Another dead end, but this time the girls noticed the real corn…

IMG_1017Not sure if we are supposed to do this, but it sure was fun showing the girls how corn grows…



IMG_1025Got it!



IMG_2487Having so much fun in the corn maze!

IMG_2485       BFF Hug!

IMG_1003Okay, it’s time to get out of here…Mommy and Mrs. Erin are getting cold, and we are all getting hungry, especially the pregnant mommies…

IMG_1032[5]      IMG_1009            

IMG_1035[4]Whew! We made it!


IMG_1037[4]Time to rest after that maze!

IMG_1048 Looks like Kayden took Mallory for a ride on the tractor…


IMG_1051 IMG_1052

 IMG_1038Mallory had so much fun at the Pumpkin Farm!

IMG_1053 We all had a great time!  Just think, next year, we will have 3 more little pumpkins with us!

We were all ready to go eat dinner…we decided on La Hacienda’s, yummy Mexican food!

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