Thursday, October 22, 2009

“We think they are IDENTICAL!”

12 weeks, Oct 22, 2009Today, we went to see the specialist, Dr. Peters.  The first thing we did was meet with a genetics specialist.  I have to say that was pretty stressful.  She went over all the things that could possibly be wrong with the babies, and we had to decide which tests we wanted them to do.  Some of the statistics were 1 in 50, and others were 1 and 40, 000.  No matter what the statistics were, just hearing all the possible issues, made me feel uneasy.

Next, we went into the sonogram room…they took some blood to use to run the tests.  Then, they did a sonogram.

First a nurse did a lot of measurements to see if the babies are growing the same and the size they should be at this time.  But, the most important measurement was the nuchal measurement, the fluid located behind the neck.  A low measurement is very healthy; a higher measurement means possible disabilities.  Our babies measurements were small in right in the healthy range…this was a huge relief!

Twins, 12 weeks                                         Baby A                  and                Baby B

                                                                 (with its little hand by its face)

Dr. Peters came in and went over the same measurements the nurse did.  He also showed us the babies’ hearts, spines, brains, stomachs, arms, legs, etc.  Baby A was so active and moving all over the place; Baby B was much more laid back.

Baby A’s heartrate was 155 and 6.3 cm.

Baby B’s heartrate was 152 and 6.2 cm.

Dr. Peters also determined the babies have their own sac which is very good news!  They say when they share a sac, more complications are possible.  Then, they shocked us with the news that they believe they are sharing a placenta…and if that is the case they are identical!  We really thought they were fraternal.  However, he did say that placentas sometimes fuse together in the beginning and appear to be one.  Dr. Peters told us since the babies are sharing a placenta he would want to monitor me more closely, because of twin to twin transfusion syndrome.  He explained that is when one baby takes more blood and nutrients from the placenta causing the other one to be underdeveloped.  Wesley asked what the chances are of this happening, and he said 10% chance. That was good to hear.  Dr.Peters had us schedule another appointment in 4 weeks.  At this time he will take more blood for more tests and another sonogram to take measurements to make sure they are growing the same.  He also said he should be able to tell us the genders!

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