Thursday, April 15, 2010

The First Few Days…

IMG_6743Our first few days at home (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), we ENJOYED our time with Madison and MISSED our Mia while she was still in the NICU…IMG_6745  IMG_6728IMG_6739IMG_6740 

Will Madison be a thumb sucker?

IMG_6731Mallory is such a sweet, lovable big sister…she is adjusting so well, and Mommy is so proud of her! IMG_6732Mallory is truly amazed at Madison's tiny fingers and toes… IMG_6832IMG_6826IMG_6827Mallory is such a helper!  She gets things for Mommy all the time, feeds Madison, she sings and talks to Madison, and she plays “This Little Piggy” with her…And, she gives Madison lots of hugs and kisses…

We had a few visitors the first few days (grandparents and Uncle Jerry and Aunt Donna)…we got very spoiled with all the food they brought us; it was so nice…




IMG_6812Look at how big Pawpaw’s hand is compared to Madison…

IMG_6817Ms. Sharon brought a very yummy dinner!  She told Madison that she was so tiny and needed to be at least 8 lbs. before coming to her house…at this time, Madison was only 5 pounds :)


IMG_6834While Mommy was in the hospital and these first few days, all the grandparents would ask Mallory to come spend the night with them.  She was so sweet and tell them, “No, Mia is going to come home and I don’t want to miss it.”

IMG_6803Sweet Dreams Baby Madison…IMG_6806IMG_6843IMG_6757 I love to watch her stretch when we unswaddle her…IMG_6758           IMG_6835

IMG_6839         IMG_6892IMG_6893IMG_6895 IMG_6830While Madison was getting formula at home, Mommy would pump and Daddy would take the milk up to Mia.  Daddy was our “milk man.”  He went up to the hospital 3 times a day to deliver milk, feed Mia, and get updates…

IMG_6752On Monday, Mia got her feeding tube out and on Tuesday, she moved out of the incubator.  As long as she could keep her energy level up while feeding from a bottle and keep her temperature up while in a big girl bed, she would get to come home by the end of the week…YEA!!!!!IMG_6753 IMG_6754 IMG_6755The doctors wanted Mommy to practice nursing Mia before she came home, so Mommy went to the hospital Wednesday and Thursday to meet with the lactation consultant and feed Mia.  Mia did a great job!  The lactation consultant said I am so lucky because both my girls do such a great job breast feeding.

Mommy and Daddy just LOVE Mia’s big eyes…so adorable! 

Can’t wait until she gets to come home!

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