Friday, April 16, 2010

Mia Comes Home!!!

IMG_6902Oh, how excited we ALL were to bring home Mia today!!!  Madison and Mommy got to come home Monday afternoon, but Mia had to stay in the NICU.  The doctors told us Mia would probably come home by the end of the week, so when Mommy called the NICU Friday morning, the nurse told us the doctor just finished checking Mia over, and we could bring her home today!!!  We couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough!!IMG_6904Mia’s sisters waiting in the hospital lobby for her…

IMG_6898Mommy changed Mia’s clothes and took her LAST NICU pictures :)


IMG_6897Nurse Mary, one of Mia and Mommy’s favorite NICU nurses…she took such good care of Mia.  How thankful we were for the wonderful care Mia received but how ready we were to get her out of there!  She also told us to be looking for a NICU Reunion invitation in the Fall.  We will have to attend that party!     

IMG_6906 This is the very first time Mallory got to see Mia…IMG_6907Mallory turned to me and said, “Why does Mia look like this?”  We all laughed so hard, because it is so true… IMG_6909 The nurse helping us out was so sweet to ask the big sister to help her carry Mia…

IMG_6910And, Daddy carried Madison, and Mommy took pictures of this special day!  I was so excited our family of FIVE was all together at last! IMG_6911Our little Mia in her car seat ready to see the outside world!

Our car ride home…

IMG_6916  IMG_6921

             Mia…                            Madison…


 IMG_6927TWO of a KIND!

IMG_6926At home…together again at last!!!

IMG_6928When we got home, we had to feed the babies before the SUPER EXCITED grandparents came over!!!

Mallory fed Madison and Daddy fed Mia.  The doctors said I could start nursing them a few times a day but continue to bottle feed them to conserve their energy.

IMG_6930 IMG_6931

IMG_6933Mimi couldn’t wait to get her hands on MIA!! 


So, now Mimi fed Mia and Daddy fed Madison :) 


We were so happy, excited, thankful that Mia and Madison were finally together!!! 



Mia and Madison… 




I love this picture!!

IMG_6955Mallory’s little baby dolls…

 IMG_6957 Mommy with her precious girls…

IMG_6958 IMG_6962The MOORE family of FIVE!!

  IMG_6960Mommy and Mallory look a little scared in this pic :)


IMG_6986Time for the babies first of many naps together.  They will be sleeping in their mommy and daddy’s room for the first couple of months in a pack and play together… 


IMG_6987 IMG_6966Then, Mimi and Pawpaw arrived…



Mallory introduces Mia to Pawpaw…


Mimi, Pawpaw, and their granddaughters…


IMG_6977 IMG_6976    


IMG_6979 IMG_6978

Granny’s turn to meet Mia…

IMG_6982 Love this picture!

IMG_6984   Sooooooo CUTE!!


How lucky are we that our babies are both home together…

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