Sunday, April 11, 2010

Twice as Much to Love, Two Blessings from Above…

IMG_6503 Mommy and Daddy wanted so bad to get our TWINS together!!  We just knew they missed each other!  And, we wanted to see them together and take pictures.  Plus, Mommy wanted to HOLD Mia!!  So, Saturday morning, the NICU nurse brought Mia to our room.  She said we only had 5 minutes…Mia could not be out of her incubator for long, because her temperature would drop.  Also, they didn’t want her to be over exerted, she needed to save her energy to grow.IMG_6499Mommy’s first time to hold Mia…I had to wait almost 48 hours!  I was so happy to finally hug and kiss her…

IMG_6514  IMG_6513

IMG_6501WOW!  Can’t believe it…I am a mother of TWINS!!!

Double Blessing, Double Fun, Double Love, Double Joy, Double Everything!

IMG_6507-1  We had to hurry and take pictures…not the best pics, but I am sure I will make up for it.  Madison started crying because she was hungry…   IMG_6510Their size difference is all in their weight…they are almost the same length, only a half inch difference.  Pictures don’t show the pound and half difference…    IMG_6504-1 IMG_6505       IMG_6512-1     It was so good to have them together, even if it was for only 5 minutes.  Can’t wait until they are together again for good!!

After Mia went back to the NICU, Mommy took some pictures with Madison…





IMG_6555  IMG_6550


IMG_6551          IMG_6526Madison and Mommy miss Mia already and can’t wait until she is with us permanently!

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