Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mia and Madison’s BIRTH-DAY!

IMG_6322Wow!  Today’s the BIG DAY!!  I couldn’t believe it was finally here!  Obviously, this pregnancy was very different than the one with Mallory, and the delivery will be too.  It’s kind of nice scheduling the delivery and knowing exactly when it will be as opposed to having no idea.  With Mallory… my water broke at a restaurant!!  However, I have been very nervous about having a c-section but this morning I was actually pretty calm about the whole thing.  I was more worried about my precious baby girls… ALL I wanted was two, sweet, healthy babies by the end of the day…

IMG_6325 IMG_6323

IMG_6324TWINS!!!  It is still SO CRAZY to me!  I can’t believe Wesley and I will have TWINS!!  I have gone from “Complete Shock” to “Why did this happen to us?” to “I guess it’s a blessing; that’s what everyone says” to “WE ARE SO LUCKY to be having twins!”  And, all the while, I have been so, so scared about their well being.  I am extremely relieved that my “pregnancy roller coaster ride” will be over, and now we will start a new roller coaster ride of raising twins and their big sister!

IMG_6328 Mallory, sweet Mallory, she came in our bed this morning at 4 am…She woke me up and said, “Mommy, I don’t want you to have the babies today.”  When I asked her why, she said, “I don’t want the doctor to cut your belly, because it will hurt you.”  She was almost in tears.  After I reassured her that mommy was going to be okay, we cuddled together for the next couple of hours.  She is so sweet and caring…I love her so much!!!  I questioned telling her about the surgery, but I wanted her to know that I would not be getting around real easy for a few days, and we would have to be careful with my belly.  I felt bad that she was so worried about me… 

IMG_6329When we took Mallory to Sharon's this morning, I told Sharon what Mallory said this morning, and of course, Sharon said she would talk to her about it and comfort her today.  Mallory had her pick of who she wanted to spend the night with for the next couple of nights since Daddy would be staying with Mommy at the hospital.  All her grandparents asked her…and as much as she loves all of them, she chose MS. SHARON!!!  She was so excited about staying with Sharon!  When Ms. Sharon offered to bring Mallory to the hospital tonight and take her home to spend the night, I asked her if she was sure about all of that.  She said, “Yes, I’m so lucky…I get to meet those two, precious babies tonight and then bring another precious girl home with me.”  Ms. Sharon is a blessing to our family!!

 IMG_6332 DSCN0304

So, off to the hospital we went.  As we got closer, I did start to get more nervous!  I made Wesley take this picture of me in front of the hospital this morning, because I knew I had one like it when I went in to deliver Mallory…

IMG_6334We had to be at the hospital at 10:30, and my c-section was scheduled at noon.  I think the hardest part was all the pre-op stuff, because I just had to lay there.  I wasn’t busy doing anything to keep my mind from worrying or feeling anxious.  When you’re in labor, your mind is busy with contractions and pain; you don’t have the time to worry, you’re just trying to get through it!!  So, I had to be in this pre-op room for almost 2 hours, getting IVs of fluid, having the babies heart rates checked, my blood pressure checked, talking with my nurse and several doctors.  Wesley, his mom, my mom, my dad, and my stepmom were in the room with me.  Wesley’s dad and my stepdad were in the waiting room, and they came in to say hi and good luck before I went in for surgery.  The best part was when the NICU doctor came in to meet us!  As soon as he came in, I recognized him!  He is a parent at my school, Dr. Balkundi!  He has twin boys in 4th grade, and I have taught them since kindergarten!!  I felt so comforted knowing him, and I trusted him completely to take care of my girls!!!

Finally, the IV of fluids were done and the operating room was ready.  All grandparents gave supportive, good luck hugs and kisses, and I was on my way.  It was such a weird feeling to be rolled down the hall knowing you were about to go into surgery.  Wesley and I waited in the hall while the doctor gave him his “bunny suit” to put on…then, they made Wesley stay in the hall while they prepped me even more for surgery.  They rolled me into this room that was so big with so much stuff and so many people…Dr. Krum, another doctor assisting him, two anesthesiologists, my nurse, two nurses for the babies, Dr. Balkundi, the NICU doctor, and a NICU nurse.  First, I was moved onto the table.  I laid there as they were opening and checking all their tools, calling things out, making sure they had everything.  I wished so much Wesley was in there holding my hand, but they did not let him in until everything and everyone was ready.  Then, I had to get the spinal which was so weird…within seconds my whole body went numb; I could not feel or move my body from about chest down.  Much different than an epidural where you can still  move and feel pressure but no pain.  One of the anesthesiologist was super nice and comforting, but I couldn’t wait for them to let Wesley in the room!!  Finally, Dr. Krum Said, “Go get Dad.”  Wesley came in and said, “How are you honey?”  And I replied with, “Will you please hold my hand?”  Of course he did, gave me a kiss and said, “It’s going to be great.”

Dr. Krum said we were ready, and he and the other doctor started talking to each other.  Dr. Krum would let me know what they were doing, and he even made some jokes that he was looking at pictures explaining how to do the surgery.  Wasn’t long at all before he said that I would feel some tugging.  And, I sure did, my whole body was moving.  I heard the other doctor say, “This must be the bigger baby.”  Then, I heard Madison cry.  Seconds later, Dr. Krum delivered Mia, and she let out a big cry.  The anesthesiologist said, “Wow, you must of paid him extra to deliver them both at 12:48.”  Dr. Krum said, “Lori, they look great; they are beautiful.”  I looked at Wesley, so relieved and asked how much they weighed (I was hoping Madison was at least 5 lbs and Mia at least 4 lbs).  The nurses said, “5 pounds 8 ounces and 3 pounds 15 ounces”  Then, Dr. Balkundi said, “Dad, you want to come over and take some pictures.”  And, I said, “Hell yes he does!”  Not really, but you know I was thinking that!!!!!


IMG_6337 IMG_6344

Sweet Madison Brannen, our Baby A, our big girl…her middle name is my maiden name and my middle name. Last week, Dr. Peters and Lisa measured her to weigh 5 lbs 8 ounces…WOW! They did good!  I wanted her to be at least 5 lbs, and she was 5.5 pounds!!


IMG_6338 IMG_6341  

Precious, little Mia Jaqueline, our Baby B, the one we worried so much about…her middle name is her Mimi’s name, Wesley’s mom.  Last week, Dr. Peters and Lisa measured her to weigh 3 lbs 8 ounces…I was so happy she weighed more!  I wanted her to be at least 4 pounds, but hey, 1 ounce away is not bad at all!!

As I laid on the table in complete relief and overwhelming joy, the nurses brought the babies over to me so I could see them and kiss them.  Madison was about the size of Mallory and looked just like her, beautiful!  Mia was tiny and so, so precious.  The nurses quickly took them away so they could assess them… 

Madison was taken to the regular nursery with low blood sugar, low body temperature, and fluid on her lungs…

IMAG0031 IMAG0030 

IMG0476The nurse gave her a bottle of formula to help increase her blood sugar level…

Mia was immediately taken to the NICU…she also had low blood sugar, low body temperature, but most of all she was just little.  Thankfully, she had no heart and lung problems!!!  Both girls came out crying, but especially Mia!  The NICU nurse says babies in her situation, that have been fighting for everything she can get in the womb, usually come out “feisty” and alert.  She was able to take a bottle right away because of being so alert and ready for the world.  The next bottle was a struggle for her, because she had absolutely no energy…it is hard to have energy when you have absolutely NO body fat!  So, Mia had to get a feeding tube and be put in an incubator to maintain her body temperature. Dr. Balkuni did not want her to use up all her energy to eat or maintain her body temp; he wanted her to use her energy to grow.   Even though I did not want her in the NICU, we prepared ourselves for it, and she was MUCH BETTER than we expected!!!IMG_6347

IMG0477 IMG0480


Mia and Madison, I am so happy you are finally here!  I already loved you so much while you were in my belly, and now I love you even more.  All the worry and stress I went through…you girls are totally worth every minute of it.  I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and kiss your precious little cheeks!  Welcome to our family!!

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