Sunday, April 11, 2010

Precious Mia in the NICU…

IMG_6435 Mommy and Daddy are so proud of Mia..she is doing so well!  We are so relieved and thankful! 

Thursday and Friday…She continues to have low body temperature, so she is in the incubator and swaddled so sweetly.  She also has a feeding tube, because giving her a bottle wears her out.  The doctor explained that she needs to use her energy to grow, not use it on keeping her temperature up on her own and eating from a bottle.IMG_6436


IMG_6530Saturday…the nurses started alternating Mia’s feedings between bottle and tube.  This meant Mia’s energy level was improving.  The quicker she can take every feeding from the bottle, the quicker she can get out of the NICU.  The nurses also started letting Mommy and Daddy go in for every feeding…we could either hold her during her tube feeding or hold her and gave her a bottle.  Either way, we were so happy to hold our precious baby!!

We also got to start changing her diapers.  We couldn’t believe how little she was…she had no fat on her at all, it was just skin on bone.  You can see in the picture above how the skin just rolls on her leg, no fat at all to plump it up.  Mommy was most amazed at how tiny her little bottom was…IMAG0057The NICU nurse, Mary, was so sweet and opened the blinds Saturday so Granny and Mimi could see Mia.  Later that day, she did it again so Mimi and Pawpaw and Mallory could see her, too.IMG_6572Sunday…the nurse put on an outfit Mommy brought for Mia.  It is funny how big her feet look on her little body…

IMG_6573IMG_6577IMG_6576IMG_6578IMG_6579IMG_6574   Mommy and all the nurses thought Mia was absolutely adorable in her little strawberry hat!  The nurses also loved her name, “Mia Moore,” one nurse said it means, “my love.”

Mia is always so bright eyed…when she is awake her eyes are wide opened.  They look so big on her tiny head…


On Sunday, the nurses transitioned Mia’s feedings to bottle, bottle, tube, bottle, bottle, tube.  The nurses and doctors hoped Mia would take the bottles without any problems and keep her energy up…

IMG_6589She is doing so well…it is going to be so hard to go home tomorrow without her.  But, the doctors tell us she should get to come home by the end of the week!!!

Back in the room, Mommy put Madison in the same strawberry onesie and hat…Mia and Madison’s first of many matching outfits…IMG_6590 IMG_6591 IMG_6594

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